Shifting Gears Into Summer at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

Driving in hot conditions presents different challenges from the cold and ice. Yet maintaining your vehicle during the summer months is still a good idea for optimal performance and overall safety.

Vehicle Care for Summer Driving

Whether you’re off to the beach a few miles away or taking a day trip to the amusement park one state over, the summer heat can destroy your battery, stress your car’s cooling system and dramatically increase tire pressure. Before you head to your next sunny destination, here’s a checklist to keep your vehicle summer ready:

Hot weather requires extra lubrication for the engine so check your oil. Let your vehicle run for a few minutes then look at the dipstick. It should be at a sufficient level and appear clean. If you think you need an oil change stop by Bob Maguire Chevrolet. They will make sure your oil is fresh and the level is where it should be.

Underinflated tires run the risk of a blowout and overinflated ones make hydroplaning more likely in rainy weather so make sure your tires, including your spare, are properly inflated. Use a tire-pressure gauge to check your tires to ensure they are inflated to the level recommended in your owner’s manual—NOT the pressure range listed on the tire sidewall. Properly inflated tires can also increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by up to 3%–saving you money down the road.

Having your vehicle constantly exposed to the blistering sun can cause its paint to fade, going from new car shine to dull city in no time flat. To avoid sun damage wax your car on a consistence basis. Or, if the damage has been done, use a rubbing compound and some elbow grease to buff it out.

Stop by Bob Maguire Chevrolet for a quick tune-up especially before a long trip. Our qualified Chevy technicians will examine your air conditioning and cooling systems to make sure they are operating correctly. Replace filters (air, fuel, PCV, etc.) and worn windshield wipers. Check your transmission, inspect your brakes and test your battery and lighting system.

After a thorough 27-Point Inspection of your Chevy vehicle, you’ll be ready to hit the road in confidence no matter how hot it gets or how long it takes to get there.

Have an enjoyable and safe summer!

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