Service Tips from Windsor Nissan

As summer approaches the shadetree mechanic that is hidden deep inside you is allowed to come out and play. And even if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to cars, it’s still good to get out in the sun and do some inspections on your car to keep it running smoothly all summer—from beastly hot traffic jams to rocking road trip vacations.

Here’s what to look for:

Check the battery—Despite all those cold starts, summer is actually harder on your battery than winter. You may need to have it checked the next time you bring it into Windsor Nissan to see if it’s holding its charge. If it’s more than 3 years old, definitely get it checked out.

Check the Fluids, especially anti-freeze—It’s called anti-freeze, but also works the other way to prevent your cooling system from boiling over. There are simple tools that look like eye-droppers that can help you test your coolant before summer hits it full force.

Check your lights—Since you are spending so much time outside now, take a few minutes to turn on all the lights on your car to see if any have burned out. A quick tour around the perimeter might save you from a traffic stop by an officer of the law some dark night.

Check the Air Conditioner—If you haven’t been running the A/C regularly during the winter, and really who can blame you, it may have been a while since you fired it up. Try it out early and if it needs help, you should seek the aid of a technician at Windsor Nissan. Recharging an A/C system involves hazardous chemicals, so it’s best done by a professional. The alternative—going the whole summer without A/C—won’t look like a good decision by the end of June.

Don’t sweat the small stuff this summer. Read your car’s manual for more information and on caring for your car. And if you find yourself stumped, Windsor Nissan is always ready to help.

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