Windsor Nissan’s Auto Insurance Shopping for Teens Tips

Your teen has passed the drivers license exam, which also means it’s time to start shopping for auto insurance. Finding the right plan at the right price can be the hardest part, but we have some tips to consider during your search.

Since it’s illegal to hit the streets without auto insurance, it’s necessary to explain the significance of insurance including all of its complexities. Even driving behavior can affect insurance premiums. In fact, statistics prove teenagers to be high-risk drivers placing them in a high risk, higher cost category. However, not all insurance companies punish young drivers instantly. Instead, they give them an opportunity to prove their good driving habits before a potential rate increase.

Begin by educating your teen about the laws and the importance of following them, both for safety and insurance costs. Maintaining a clean driving record will prevent insurance rates from rising. Set a good example for your teen when you drive and enroll them in a driver’s education course. Some insurance companies offer discounts to teens who take recognized driving classes.

Are you happy with your current policy? If so, consider placing your teen as an additional driver on your insurance policy. If the price is right, your teen could potentially benefit from your discounts as well.
Make the grade and get paid! Good grades can reduce your teen’s car insurance premium depending on the insurance company. Not only will a high grade point average provide for a great future, but it also saves money. Use encouragement by offering your young driver a monetary incentive. Find out how much is saved with good grades and pass that money on as a reward.

Search out insurance companies, ask questions about discounts and compare pricing for new teen drivers. Choose the auto insurance company that offers the best starting rate as well as long term benefits

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