Chevy Commercials

Have you noticed Chevrolet’s newest TV campaign? It’s known as “Under the Blue Arch” and features a welcoming Chevy dealership with an amusing, yet well-informed, staff. Not only has it been a hit on the airwaves, it’s now gaining popularity on YouTube and Facebook.

The idea behind this entertaining and unexpected promotional approach is to connect with you, our customers, in an honest and inviting way. We brought this concept to life by assembling a funny, memorable cast of characters that develop over time similar to TV sitcoms such as “The Office”.

So far the feedback has been impressive. People not only enjoy the humor and engaging storylines, they really appreciate the fact that the features and benefits of the Chevy lineup are still the center of attraction.

The online followers keep growing too. YouTube videos of the campaign have been viewed over 5.8 million times. The “Under the Blue Arch” Facebook page already has close to 46,000 “likes”. Check it out for yourself:

We hope you’ll find this unique marketing approach entertaining and intriguing. In between smiles we promise you’ll still find great offers and information on your favorite lineup of Chevy vehicles.

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