Nissan Concept Models


Provocatively modern, Ellure is the evolution of the luxury sedan.Inspired by Japanese traditions of craftsmanship and innovation,Ellure’s unique opposing front and rear doors open 90° to face eachother, revealing a fluid, versatile interior beneath a full-length,tinted glass roof. Fusing performance with sustainability, Ellure’spower derives from a hybrid supercharged inline 4-cylinder and 25-kWelectric motor, delivering a combined 273 horsepower. The future hasnever been more seductive.


Fashionable and functional, the Denki Cube Concept combines a funkyasymmetrical design and unique interior treatments with an electricmotor run on compact lithium-ion batteries stored under the floor andseats. It’s everything you need in one extraordinary concept.


Innovation takes this dramatic concept vehicle to a place uncharted byexisting minivans. Wide-opening front doors with pillarless side doorsmake access easy, and a full-length SkyView moonroof makes every trip anadventure. Add to that front-cabin comfort and back-passengerversatility and no one has been left out.


The designers behind the Nissan AZEAL Coupe Concept believe anentry-level vehicle shouldn’t have to look entry-level. This idea comesinto play with a fresh interpretation of the classic compact sportscoupe, powered by a turbocharged 2.5-liter 4 cylinder engine, mated to a6-speed manual transmission and riding on 19-inch wheels.


The Nissan Sport Coupe Concept offers the look and feel of a tuner car,yet is conceived as an attainable vehicle for first-time new car buyers.The Sport Coupe – featuring a dynamic three-door hatchback and dramaticfour-seat interior – brings Nissan’s heritage of innovation andperformance to a category traditionally lacking in excitement.


The Nissan URGE Concept is a minimalist sports car inspired by gamingenthusiasts that takes design to the edge with its motorcycle-imbuedlook and spun aluminum structure. The ultimate homage to thestate-of-the-video-arts excitement, when parked the URGE is a totalgaming system, complete with Xbox 360, and use of steering wheel andpedals as game controls.


Nissan, in partnership with renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami,created this imaginative electric car concept. The Pivo features aninnovative 3-seat cabin that revolves 360 degrees, eliminating the needto reverse for easy maneuverability, and runs on Nissan’s lithium-ionbattery and unique Super Motor for zero emissions.

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