Rediscover the Excitement with Your Vehicle

There’s no denying that you love your vehicle, but do you show it? Actions speak louder than words and that poor dashboard has heard everything from bad driver complaints to a tone-deaf version of your favorite song. Give back to your abused auto with some bonding time.

Create new memories, add a new feature or consider some aesthetic enhancement. You don’t need to install spinning rims, flame decals and a spoiler to liven up your vehicle’s appearance. Even minor additions like installing seat or steering wheel covers could make a difference. Some excitement toward your vehicle could result in a longer, healthier relationship. Or, at the very least, gain a new-found appreciation of your reliable source of transportation.

Skip a costly flight and hit the open road on your next vacation. Document the landmark pit-stops with silly car/owner photos suitable for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram postings. Change up the routine with a new route for your morning commute. Make the daily drive more relaxing with a freshly cleaned automobile. Breathe in the delicious scent of a fall-inspired air freshener that leaves you craving pumpkin pie and apple cider. Pack up some food, grab a friend for a car-side picnic featuring a view only your vehicle could make possible. Use some of your bonus money to fix that one bad speaker or replace the outdated audio system with a six-disc CD changer and iPod/USB interface. Let the sun shine in with an after-market sunroof or hide those nicks and scratches with a glossy paint job.

Whether it’s maintaining its beauty, installing a new feature or going on spontaneous adventures, you rely on your car more than you realize. So give that four-wheel machine a name and take good care of your hard-earned purchase. Remember, nothing makes a relationship last longer than a lot of love, attention and regular-scheduled maintenance.

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