About Windsor Nissan, NJ

You’ll love the no pressure sales experience at our dealership. We’re one of the NJ Nissan dealers whose mission is treat every visitor like an honored guest in our home, but to the Nissan customers we serve it is much more than a mission statement. Our New Jersey Nissan customers quickly learn that shopping at Windsor Nissan means being treated with respect, not having to negotiate or visit multiple New Jersey Nissan dealers to get the price you deserve. Being treated like family means giving Jackson Nissan buyers real price quotes on the Nissan they are looking for when they request it. These ways of doing business have helped us stand out from Jackson Nissan dealers and our NJ Nissan customers here in Jackson and throughout the entire state of New Jersey choose Windsor Nissan.
At Windsor Nissan we also consider ourselves to be one of the premier Used Nissan NJ dealers as well. Windsor Nissan maintains a large selection of quality used Nissan New Jersey driven vehicles and Nissan Certified Used Cars for used Nissan shoppers to choose from. Our used Nissan inventory is highlighted by our selection of Nissan Certified Used Cars and the warranty and incentives that come standard with each one. At Windsor Nissan we believe that every customer deserves a quality, reliable Nissan whether it is new or used and we have the inventory to make it happen. Whether you purchased a used Nissan Jackson or new Nissan you can keep your Nissan running like new at our Nissan Service NJ facility. Our factory certified Nissan service technicians will help you maintain and repair your Nissan from the convenience our customer-friendly, state-of-the-art Nissan Service Center right here in Windsor, New Jersey. Looking for Nissan Parts NJ? Windsor Nissan has all of the Nissan parts the “do-it-yourself” enthusiast needs. Windsor Nissan, a NJ Nissan dealership for Long Island shoppers.

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  1. Please be aware that our Saturn accounting office are no longer operating since Saturn of Toms River and Saturn of Bordentown closed at the end of January 2010. This is a unique situation and will be handled separately from normal operations.

    All outstanding Saturn invoices inquiries will be handled through EMAIL ONLY. The Chevrolet and Nissan offices will not be handling payments that are exclusively for the Saturn stores. Please email SATURNPAYABLES@AOL.COM will invoice / payable inquiries.

  2. I am sorry that you have ill feelings towards our operations, but we do not operate any part of our business illegally. If you have an issue or concern please email us or contact us with your issue and we will be sure to look into the matter further.

    Thank you.

  3. Was very disappointed this pass Saturday Came all the way from Philadelphia and waited for helped and then when we were helped,They up the price 3000.00This was not the way to do business and rest assure everyone will know about this scam .K, ept us their all day and then cause we wouldn’t do a lease, where we were informed that’s how they make their money and that was a quote,They didn’t care we had cash Sorry to say they lost our business.both my childrens cars were bought from Nissan in Philadelphia and it didn’t matter, By the way we did have the right amount in the beginning but unfortunately we weren’t customers from Windsor their was an 700.00 Charge added to that NEVER EVER HAVE I FELT SO DISSAPOINTED IN A DEALER SHIP!!!!!!!!! +

    1. Do you recall the name of the sales associate and / or sales manager that assisted you? I would like to look into this matter further.

      I apologize for your unfortunate experience at our dealership and I assure you that we truly do strive to make each and every consumer visit a pleasant one.

      Which vehicle were you looking at?

      Again, I apologize for your negative experience at our dealership and I hope that I can further assist you by deep diving into your specific experience.

      Happy Holidays,

      Michael Maguire

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