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GM Has ‘A Comprehensive Plan to Address Dealer Concerns’

General Motors and Chrysler have been the target of frustration from thousands of dealers that were cut from the companies’ networks during last summer’s restructurings. The automakers, dealers, and other interested parties have proposed a variety of ways to resolve the matter – including mediation and congressional intervention — but none has met with much success. Now, General Motors has announced a “Comprehensive Plan to Address Dealer Concerns”, which the company developed in conjunction with members of congress and the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers. At a glance, GM’s proposal seems to address most of the dealers’ major concerns, but it does come with one very important caveat.

The three main things of General Motors’ plans includes :

The first is a commitment to advise all Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac dealerships that received a complete wind-down agreement of the criteria used by GM in the selection of that dealership for wind-down.  The secondary is a face-to-face review process for all complete wind-down dealers who have not already terminated their dealer sales and service agreements with GM. And the third plan, If the complete wind-down dealer is not satisfied with the outcome of the face-to-face review process, he or she may elect to proceed to binding arbitration. The arbitration will expressly be limited to whether GM selected the dealer to receive the wind-down agreement on the basis of its business criteria.

The aforementioned caveat comes in paragraph two of the release: “GM will begin to implement this plan in mid-January provided that legislation related to GM’s dealer restructuring does not move forward.” In other words: call off the congressional dogs, we’ll handle this ourselves. GM’s full press release is pasted below. Considering the complexity of the problem, the document is a quick read, So kudos to the company’s media team for that. We’ll see if Chrysler publishes anything similar in the coming weeks.

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2010 Chevy Camaro ss coupe review

The 2010 Chevy Camaro SS Coupe answers the question, if General Motors could build first-class automobiles with straight for sure answer “yes”. The latest 2010 Chevy Camaro version which may take some time to come to the streets, but the wait would be its worth. It is one of the most sophisticated, strongest and powerful vehicles.

The international muscle car built in Canada in Oshawa, ON is the 21st century all style American car, but development being coordinated American and Australian efforts. Although the engine is still on the front and drives the rear wheels with e solid rear axle gone. The typical “rear drive architecture” meets the futuristic GM body work.

Coming to the engine, 2010 Camaro comes with 6 cylinder equipped with V8 engine, which is shorter to the 1993-2002 Camaro, longer wheelbase ensures better room in the rear seat. The SS model gets 6.2 litre V8 engine.

The automatic transmission has the L99 engine with the Active fuel management system where as the manual has the six speed V8 engine. For people who are keener on performance to fuel economy. The LS3 variant gets the aluminum pushrod V8 . The presence of “tap shift” manual mode in the transmission makes easy for manual shifting

The presence of dual overhead cams made of aluminum alloy, four valves percylinder, variable phasing and direct fuel injection with V8 base transmits 304 HP to the rear wheel also via the automatic transmission mode makes the V6 smart engine.

The 2010 Camaro is real quick, super beast on the road, can get from zero to sixty in under 5 seconds, stops immediately. The sixth gear’s high overdrive ratio means excellent g\highway fuel economy and cruises at legal speeds than 2,000 RPM. Calm and beautiful at slow speeds and super beast when throttle is provoked. It gave xcelent results evening the first heavy rain.

APPEARANCE: Stealth factor: zero. Or less. With styling little changed from the concept car of a few years back, the new Camaro makes a statement. Some people wave and smile; members of the Anti-Destination League hasten to turn in front of it and go as slowly as possible. Nobody ignores it. While the lines pay homage to the original of the late 1960s, the new Camaro is no exercise in nostalgia. It looks honestly muscular, and it is. The only faux styling elements are the small non-functional air intake at the front of the SS’s hood bulge and the embossed “gills” on the rear fenders. Come to think of it, with the wide mouth and gills, there’s a more than passing resemblance to a shark…

Appearance: The new Camaro makes a statement itself. The enticing appeal makes some people to waive and smile, some people try to come in front of it and go slowly away while admiring the car look. There is no one who ignores it. It is only true muscular car with small non-functional air intake at front of the SS and embossed “gills” on the rear fenders.

COMFORT: is a word that has not always been associated with “Camaro”. Here, no worries. Like its exterior, the new Camaro’s interior is a contemporary interpretation of past themes, surrounding passengers with simple geometric forms and multiple materials in a pleasant manner. The 2SS’s leather-faced, power-adjustable front buckets have good side bolsters, useful when cornering, but not too high to impede access. The do offer good support and comfort. The leather-wrapped steering wheel adjusts for both tilt and reach, and has cruise and

Safety: The Stabilitrak stability and traction system is standard, and allows a reasonable level of performance driving without being intrusive.

CONCLUSIONS: The 2010 Chevy Camaro has the soul of sixties with the modern chassis

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The Chevy Colorado with V8 Engine

If you are a truck enthusiast, you would know a formula, select a compact truck, install V8 engine into it, lower and screw the suspension tight, retune brakes and streeing. When you end this process, the machine will look like Colorado ZQ8, 2009 model. It will be a real pleasure to drive.

Chevrolet Colorado 2009 is a complete engineering transformation of Colorado. It is claimed that it’s a full power in small space. Best power handling and sporty style. The truck is loaded with 14.5:1 ratio for a quick response and provides you the best sneaky radius for the turn. You will feel a difference in driving around the corners.

The redefined and retuned steering and suspension had made Colorado ZQ8 a preferred truck for two lane high and mountain roads with tight lanes and reducing radius turnings, Colorado ZQ8 is a pure precision and transition vehicle. It is enhanced to the level of sport driving.

You are safe while driving at high speed as the brakes are front disc/rear drum with higher stopping power; all this because of the twin-pistons discs. The discs are tortured to stop the power house 4013 pound Colorado to a stand still. The vehicle is having 4 channel ABS system, stops straight, yaw control to balance the uneven load in the rear.

With the bigger wheels and lower stance, the new look, makes the Colorado look better, sleeker and trimmer.

The latest V8 engine provides full throttle to the giant, and reaches 0 to 60 mph in less than 7.67 seconds, which is exception in its segment. The 2000 rpm kicks the truck to 67 miles per hour on highway and to reach 70 miles per hour, it generated 2200 rpm, with best fuel efficiency.

The Colorado ZQ8 is a legitimate 5 passengers capability, with enough leg-space, shoulder room for three passengers at the back and with a seating configuration of 6 passengers.

The interior of the truck is not very special, it is very simple in looks and a generous use of plastic and control panel for audio and HVAC systems.

All the sport truck enthusiasts will appreciate the Colorado ZQ8, a classic machine of American street with great performance and dynamic capacity, a power house on need. The sporty style and convenience features make it a young family car.

The 2009 Colorado ZQ8 price range starts at $23,330, a standard model with 2.9-liter 4 -cylinder engine and all the standard safety equipment included. To add the sport package in it will amount to additional $3,935 to the price. Further, heated leather seats will add another $1,495, and a sunroof for $695; with rear lockers and destination charges added, the retail price zooms at $ 30, 475. With the buyer’s market trend, the beast can be afforded at $26k and after that just drive it away.

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US car owners prefer to keep their old cars

These days the cars and trucks are built with perfection both in design and mechanism both. They are being built very well with a little or no scope of replacement. This makes it further difficult for the car makers to sell their new models. Therefore, the car manufacturer s needs to expand the concept for Cars for Clunkers or the excitement aspect of new models to increase their sales.  This is the only way to get over the doldrums situation of the automotive industry and the world’s economy at large. Let’s understand this concept a little further.

According to a recent report published by the AIADA, in the year 2005 the number of people in the US who were willing to wait for a maximum period of four years before they bought a new car has increased substantially to 28.5 percent.  Similarly, the results of another study conducted by AutoPacific , there was a massive decrease in the sales of light vehicles from 14.7 million a year to 9.5 million units. 

Around 32000 participants who took part in this study had purchased the light vehicles of 2009 models between September and December this year. Also, there was a marginal increase of 2.3 percent of people planning to buy a new vehicle in the next six months. However, the people planning to buy a new vehicle in between six to one year increased by only a very small proportion of 1.3 percent. These numbers were an all time low in the last 42 years.


Not So Fast! Chevy Could Shorten Nissan’s Nurburgring Celebration

Nissan was so proud of the GT-R‘s production-car lap-record run of 7:29 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife that CEO Carlos Ghosn personally delivered the news to journalists gathered in Portugal.

It must be sweet for Ghosn who championed the GT-R when Nissan was in dire financial trouble. And trumping Chevrolet‘s double-barrel announcements last week regarding the Corvette ZR1‘s outrageous 638-hp output and its 205-mph top speed, doesn’t hurt either.

But wait, didn’t we quote Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter as saying that the ZR1 “will be able to take the production-car track record at any racetrack”? Yes, we did. What we didn’t mention was that in the same interview, Juechter said that, while the company didn’t yet have a full-production ZR1 to test at Nürburgring’s old track, he confidently predicted the super-Vette would do the deed in “Seven minutes, twenty-something seconds.”

Hey, is that a gauntlet we see there on the ground? Anyone care to pick that up? (We’re looking directly at you, Chevy.)

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

The official dyno numbers are in: The supercharged 6.2-liter V8 in the forthcoming Chevy Corvette ZR1 cranks out 638 horsepower.

That’s about 20 hp more than the estimates from General Motors’

powertrain gurus when they unveiled the new ZR1 and its monster motor last December.

To simplify the math: The LS9 engine in the ZR1 is rated at 103 hp per liter of displacement, or 1.7 hp per cubic inch (6.2 liters is equal to 376 cubic inches, for the old schoolers in the audience.)

All that power will push the Corvette ZR1, which goes on sale this summer, to a top speed of more than 200 mph, GM says.

What about the grunt? The official number is 604 lb-ft of torque.

The key to that making all the horsepower and torque is a Roots-type supercharger with four-lobe rotors that sits atop the LS9 engine. A liquid-to-air intercooler is integrated into the supercharger’s housing.

The engine will be hand-built at GM’s Performance Build Center in suburban Detroit, the same plant that hand-builds the LS7 V8 used in the Corvette Z06.

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