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GM offer higher incentives to dealers to boost sales !

In order to hike up the sales, General Motors Company is offering higher incentives to its dealers. According to Wall Street Journal, General Motors is trying to dump the leftover stock from Pontiac and Saturn manufacturers in the market in order to increase the December sales of the particular car manufacturing brands. Wall Street Journal has also states that, General Motors has sent letter to its dealers stating that they are ready to pay $7000, every time a car manufactured by Saturn or Pontiac’s possession is transferred from their stock to that of rental-vehicle or service vehicle. These cars would be sold on second hand basis since these dealers are considered as owners of the car, hence the discounts availed on these cars will be high. This offer is going to last until the 4th of January since it is the last day for the General Motor Company to hike up their December car sales. General Motors will be booking the sales as fleet deliveries General Motors is planning to quit on Pontiac and Saturn and focus its attention on Hummers instead. General Motors’s contract to sell Saturn’s cars had collapsed in September, since then it has also pulled out of the contract to sell Opel by its European Unit. Currently its consignment of Hummers to a Chinese firm has been deferred and their deal with Saab cars is on a closure. This information has been provided by Reuters, but they were unable to get a comment from General Motors since it was past the US business hours.

Chevrolet makes trucks Wi-Fi hot spots

Chevrolet and Autonet Mobile have proclaimed that they will be turning Chevrolet SUVs and Trucks into hot-spots for Wi-Fi connection. One can avail the services by getting a device installed by a dealer. This will ensure that one can access the net on their laptops, cell phones, etc, even on the move. These devices can only be fitted into seven models of Chevrolets, i.e. Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, Express, Avalanche, Traverse and Equinox. Installation will cost $200 and monthly charges for the service will be $29, along with some unspecified costs. The internet cannot only be accessed from within, but also at a radius of 150 feet. Wi-Fi is convenient when one has to spend a lot of time on the road, such as for camping or tripping, etc.

Nissan A – Z Year end Sales Events

Year End  Nissan sales and repairs. check details

Nisan year end sales event

Chevy Corvette | Bob Maguire Chevrolet

New GM comes out of bankruptcy in 40 days

 july 10 would be a new beginning for General Motors. GM has gone through the bankruptcy  for 40 days period and had come out of it within a very short span of time. The new GM has done away with all its regional operations and has removed all operational areas from Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. It has now set up an international operation office at Shanghai which sows the emphasis and importance of Chinese market.
According to latest sales statistics, China has sold over more than six million units during the first half year. China has emerged as the largest auto market in the world followed closely by US and Japan.
Nick Reilly, the former GM president for Asia was appointed as the executive vice president for General Motor  International operations.  This shows the remarkable performance on China led Asia Pacific market which was given due credit by the head office.
According to an reputable web site, China has garnered all the attention from the global auto market owing to high auto demand rate, good robust market growth rate and stable economic environment. The North America auto industry which in recent times has been affected by bankruptcy cases such as Chrysler and GM.

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