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2011 Chevrolet Volt

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt has recently given a few impressions to those journalists who have been aloud twenty minutes inside one. The first impression is the silence. It is one thing to coast along doing 15-20 mpg, but to accelerate from 0-60 mph with no noise other than that of the wind and tires is incredible, and Tony Posawatz said that the sounds will be even less noticeable on the final product. Secondly, the best way to decrease speed in the Volt is by lifting off the gas pedal. When the car is shifted into low mode, the motor then charges the batteries while also slowing the car. Thirdly, acceleration is impressive, GM is aiming for the feel of a 250-hp V6 sedan, and expects to have a sub-nine second 0-60 time. The Chevrolet Volt could very well be the next big hit that GM needs.


2011 Nissan Murano Convertible

The news of a Nissan Murano convertible made news around 9 months ago and not much has been heard about it since. Reportedly, it is still in the works and is to be released by the summer of 2010 as a 2011 model. The Murano convertible will be released in limited numbers and targeted at those who want a fun ride for the grandkids but with all the amenities. The 2011 Murano convertible will feature a soft top, use a two door configuration and use the same engine as the current Murano.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Police Design

A 2010 Chevrolet Camaro enthusiast decided to photoshop their version of a future Camaro Police car. Featuring a push bar, sleek LED light strip, alternating head and tail lights, custom "stop" LED bar, graphics, and more. The LED light strip on the roof looks a little outdated compared to those on cruisers out now, but none the least it’s one cool concept.

2010 Chevrolet Equinox

Recently, Chevrolet announced that the new redesigned Equinox crossover will get an estimated 32 MPG highway which is better than the predicted 30 MPG and will also receive an estimated 22 MPG city which is better than the predicted 21 MPG. Comparable four cylinder vehicles such as the Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4 and Ford Escape only receive an estimated 19-22 MPG City and 25-28 MPG Highway. The 2010 Chevrolet Equinox is scheduled to go on sale in June 2009 and have an MSRP starting at $23,185.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro now at Bob Maguire Chevrolet!

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Now at Bob Maguire Chevrolet!

NYPD Deploys 40 Nissan Altima Hybrids

While Americans have been seizing hybrid vehicles for years now, these vehicles are now also seeing use as taxis across Canada and soon in the United States. The NYPD has now decided to have a new fleet of hybrid police cars. The NYPD will be adding a total of 40 new Altima Hybrid vehicles to their fleet, 18 marked units and 22 unmarked units. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “Through savings in fuel, these Altimas can quickly cover their additional cost, from then they will save taxpayers money — another example of how going green is good for our environment and our pocketbooks.”

Nissan’s Compact, It’s Fun, Cubed

The Nissan Cube is a “car” or as introduced by their campaign a “Mobile Device”, that is scheduled to go on sale May 5 in the United States. The phrase indicates that the vehicle is intended to market to younger drivers, and is also presented as a part of a fun life that can be customized and personalized as easily as a cell phone ring tone. The campaign also uses terms such as “search engine,” “browse,” “storage capacity,” “add friends,” and “set preference,” to describe some of the features of the Cube. The Nissan Cube, which has been said to be geared more towards younger drivers, will start at $13,990 and for many will be a first car. Erich Marx, director for marketing communications at Nissan North America said, “We think the Cube’s a perfect vehicle for this time, it offers tremendous value.”

Nissan Electric Car Debuts with Lithium-Ion Battery

The new electric car from Nissan will be available in the United States in 2010 and will use a rear wheel powertrain that will deliver twice the power as conventional nickel-metal batteries. Nissan said in a statement that, “Under the NISSAN GT 2012 business plan, the company has committed to zero-emission vehicle leadership, and has announced plans to introduce an all-electric vehicle in 2010 and mass market globally in 2012. The advanced laminated compact lithium-ion batteries are installed under the floor, without sacrificing either cabin or cargo space. The production vehicle to be introduced in 2010 will have a unique body-style and is not based on any existing Nissan model. "The parallel-power train system comprises an energy-optimizing system with two clutches, where one motor is directly connected to an engine and transmission via two separate clutches. Under changing driving conditions, the motor switches between the two clutches to optimize and conserve energy utilization as well as improve fuel-efficiency.” The battery will automatically turn on if the car is idle and then shut off the motor in an effort to save fuel.

Windsor Nissan Tent Event

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