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Fresh Start Financing at Windsor Nissan

What can we do for you?

We provide pre-approval for car loans online and at our New Jersey area Nissan dealership.

What do I need to get in order to start my Nissan loan application?

Not much. There is little we need from you in order for you to take the first steps toward credit approval for vehicle loans at Windsor Nissan.

  • The most difficult step is getting started, but we make that easy for you.
  • We only require you give us the information you already have in your head like your name, address and phone number, for example.

There’s no need to go shuffling through file cabinets, call previous landlords or use a calculator at this point. We do have options for you to include more information in your New Jersey Nissan finance application, and you’re more than welcome to provide us with as much or as little information as you want.

If you want to give us more details, feel free to share more information like the following:

  • Your employer’s name and address
  • Your time on job
  • Your gross monthly income (how much you make before deductions for taxes, social security, child support, etc.)
  • Your living situation (do you rent/own/lease?)
  • Your bank information

Windsor Nissan – College Grad Program

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could purchase a NEW Nissan with an easy, stress-free buying experience? With Nissan’s College Grad Preferred Pricing Program you can buy a new Nissan for less than Dealer cost, PLUS you keep the rebates! Click Get your College Graduate Preferred Pricing Certificate to secure your preferred pricing now.


The All-New Nissan College Graduate Program provides the following benefits

  • Simple “No Haggle, No Hassle” buying experience
  • Pre-negotiated under invoice pricing PLUS all applicable incentives
  • Receive one of the best available rates (even if you don’t have prior credit history)
  • 90-day deferred payment option

Qualifications for the College Grad Program

  • Graduation within 6 months or past two years from an accredited United States two or four year university, college, graduate school or nursing school
  • Students currently enrolled in graduate school are eligible
  • Present employment or future employment beginning within 90 days of financing approval
  • Sufficient income to cover normal living expenses and car payments
  • Valid auto insurance
  • Approved credit

2013 Nissan GTR Review from Windsor Nissan


One of the world’s top performance cars; rare and exclusive; aggressive, distinctive look; sophisticated powertrain



For 2013, the Nissan GT-R gets another power boost from its twin-turbo V6 engine; this year it’s up to 545 horsepower, up from 530 last year and 485 the year before, due to increased intake efficiency, better airflow to the intercooler, and improved exhaust efficiency. Additionally, the transmission has been refined and the suspension retuned. Inside, front seat support and comfort are much improved.



Some might know the Nissan GT-R more from racing video games than from the street. The GT-R is a true exotic supercar–it’s a legend because of its rarity, exotic powertrain, and incredible performance numbers. While the GT-R might not make a practical daily driver, this high-performance coupe is a must-have for collectors, the image-conscious, and those who must have what’s fastest.


The Nissan GT-R is offered in Premium and Black Edition models, both powered by a special 3.8L twin-turbocharged V6, now making 545 horsepower and 463 pound-feet of torque. Power is put to all four wheels with a performance-oriented all-wheel drive system, and a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox (with no actual clutch pedal) handles the shifting. With the GT-R’s additional power, the dash to 60 mph takes around three seconds, and top speed is a claimed 196 mph. Brakes are strong enough for secure stops from well into triple-digit speeds, and handling is enhanced by the variable-power-split AWD system. The ride is stiff, in a nod to this car’s prioritization of performance above all else. Inside, the GT-R feels snug, with a strong cockpit design. The driver sits low in rather narrow, well-bolstered sport seats, with a wide center console alongside. Steering wheel paddle shifters can command quick shifts, while center-stack controls are canted slightly toward the driver. The GT-R has a very extensive list of features. Heated, leather-suede-trimmed seats, full power accessories, an Intelligent Key entry and ignition system, a navigation system with XM NavTraffic and NavWeather, a universal garage-door opener and Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity are all included. Also included is a Bose sound system with nine speakers, two subwoofers, Bluetooth streaming audio and DVD playback capability, USB and iPod connectivity and XM satellite radio. Priced about $10,000 above the $96,820 GT-R Premium, the Black Edition adds metallic black lightweight forged aluminum wheels, designed by RAYS, plus Recaro sport bucket seats and unique red and black interior trim. There are few major options on the GT-R. A Cold Weather Package adds Dunlop run-flat tires and smoke-gray forged aluminum wheels. A backup camera is also available.

2013 Nissan Sentra: High achievement at the low end

I make no attempt here to compare the 2013 Nissan Sentra, a subcompact economy car, with something from the ranks of substantially more expensive, bona fide luxury automobiles. But there are samples of the new Sentra, notably the upscale Sentra SL sedan driven for this column, that make you wonder what “luxury” means anymore.

The Nissan Sentra line — including the base S, the popularly equipped SV, the sporty SR and the surprisingly well-appointed SL — has been reworked for 2013.

The front-wheel-drive cars are two inches longer than their predecessors. Interior space has been increased, and the cabins have been made more appealing and comfortable. The top-of-the-line SL, driven for this column, is so loaded it raises the question: Why access luxury at a higher price?

The SL, also the most expensive of the lot, has a starting price of $19,760 — deliberately set below $20,000 to bait more buyers. The idea: If I get all these goodies in a car starting under $20,000, surely I can add a few thousand dollars more in options.

Of course you can. Nissan has Sentra options aplenty. This column’s SL, which included optional onboard navigation with high-definition backup camera, premium leather seat coverings, a power sliding glass roof and a premium sound system, came with a manufacturer’s price of $23,430.

Still, that is not a bad deal for a well-made commuter car (in terms of fit and finish) that is also safe, luxuriously outfitted and engineered to get 30 miles per gallon in the city and 39 mpg on the highway using regular gasoline.

(I wrote “engineered to get.” I should’ve written “advertised to get.” My real-world mileage was okay, but several miles per gallon less than advertised.)

But the new Nissan Sentra line is made to address growing consumer worries over fuel economy and pump prices. That is largely why Nissan has jettisoned — at least for the time being — its high-performance Sentra SE-R and SE-R Spec V models. The current corporate thinking is that consumer concerns about fuel economy nullify demand for more consumptive high-performance models in what was supposed to be an economy-car line in the first place.

Nissan is likely to get criticism for that decision from recalcitrant throttle jockeys, whose need for speed frequently outpaces their incomes. But the company is likely to do well among drivers who just want a small, affordable, well-tailored car with at least decent miles-per-gallon numbers.

The new Sentra offers all that and more in the SL version. There is none of the bland styling and use of subpar cabin materials of predecessor Sentras. Everything is nice and tight. Exterior styling flows in attractive lines front to rear. Cabin leather feels rich. The design of the car’s instrument panel, replete with a handsome center console that is also easy to use, is first-rate. This is a very likable little car quite capable of competing with anything in its size and price class.

“FE” (fuel economy) versions of the new Sentra S and SV are designed to get slightly better mileage. Their enhancements in that endeavor include a rear aerodynamic spoiler (to help mitigate wind resistance), underbody aerodynamic deflectors, and low-rolling-resistance tires (to help reduce fuel-sapping tire-road friction).

For those of you who define luxury as power and crisp handling, you are hereby advised to look elsewhere. Despite its seductive trimmings, the new Sentra SL is what it was designed and engineered to be — an economy car. Like all its Sentra siblings, it comes with a 1.8-liter in-line four-cylinder engine (130 horsepower, 128 foot-pounds of torque). Add to that a continuously variable automatic transmission that continues to leave many drivers (me included) in its transmission of power to the front drive wheels.

But, in the pursuit of more miles per gallon with no loss of safety, style or comfort, I’m willing to accept those deficits. On most highly regulated roads in the United States, I can only go so fast anyway. I might as well settle back and enjoy the drive in what is without a doubt the best Sentra sedan that Nissan has ever made.


**A special thank you to Warren Brown from The Washington Post for this article!**

Windsor Nissan

The Maguire Automotive Group has been serving New Jersey since 1976. We are a family owned and operated automotive dealership group, whose size and volume allow us to offer the largest selection, best prices, and added value programs, but also enable us to stay intune with our customers wants, needs, and desires. A vital factor of our success has been our unwavering dedication to our customers. Our motto is that a Maguire Auto Group customer will receive the best quality vehicles and service at the most competitive price. Most importantly, service and care are never sacrificed; we expect that the goal of each and everyone of our employee’s will be to help maintain this standard.


We strive to listen to our customers, create an environment of mutual trust, exceed all customer expectations, foster a “WIN-WIN” culture and environment for the customer and company, follow up diligently, and continually improve the quality of our products and services to benefit you, the customer.


The Maguire Auto Group maintains an unwavering standard of honesty. Integrity is an indispensible part of our relationship with every customer, employee, manufacturer, and vendor.




Dear Customers, Friends, and Patrons:


Windsor Nissan, a part of the Maguire Automotive Group, has consistently served customers with honesty, integrity, and a stalwart commitment to customer service.

We are located in East Windsor, NJ in a brand new, state of the art facility but our reach is far and our customer base broad.


Please use this site to get familiar with our friendly, family operated dealership, explore our vast inventory, and become part of our family.


Thanks for stopping by and for considering us in your search for a vehicle.


With Warm Regards,


Marcy Maguire

President, Windsor Nissan.





We offer the Maguire Rewards Program which will save the customer $200 off the purchase price of their next new or pre-owned vehicle. They also receive 3% cash back on their account for every service/parts purchase. When they enroll, the automatically get $10 in the account to use for service.


  • Extended Service Hours
  • FREE Shuttle Service
  • Wireless Internet Access to our customers in the dealership
  • Children’s play waiting area
  • State-of-the-art Nissan Sales and Service Facility with trained Nissan service technicians, and Nissan Certified Sales Consultants.
  • Free Car Washes with all service appointments.
  • Family owned and operated dealerships since 1976.

Windsor Nissan Has Something For Everyone

At Nissan, we know our loyal customers have different driving needs and desires. That’s why we have outstanding specials on our full line of vehicles, including our reliable sedans, versatile crossovers, capable trucks or dependable SUVs. There is truly something for everyone.

Windsor Nissan Has Something For Everyone

Windsor Nissan Has Something For Everyone

With spring upon us and summer coming, now is the time to check out the amazing specials on our hottest sports cars—the 370Z Coupe and 370Z Roadster. Can you imagine just how wide your grin would be as you’re shredding tar around every corner in style in one of these sports car powerhouses? Be the envy of your friends while experiencing some of the best Nissan has to offer.

Need something that fits the whole family? Our line of SUVs, including the Pathfinder, Armada and Xterra, provide the room you need, the comfort you desire, and the versatility for taking kids to the games, that long summer trip or a quick weekend getaway.

Windsor Nissan Has Something For Everyone

Windsor Nissan Has Something For Everyone

Stop by Windsor Nissan and check out our current offers to see what option is best for you!

Spring Cleaning tips from Windsor Nissan’s Service Department

ANNOUNCEMENT: Windsor Nissan will be open on Sundays from 9am-3pm for Express Service!!! Starting 4/15 – so put it on your calendars!!

We often spend more time than we realize living in our cars, so when spring rolls around, it’s time to clean out your car—inside and out. First get rid of all cans, bottles, wrappers, gravel, files, junk mail and leftovers from that last potluck so you can see what you’re doing. If you’re using your trunk for short term storage of equipment, sand, shovels, etc., it’s time to unload that. The extra weight makes your engine work harder and decreases your gas mileage.

First wash all the inside surfaces—except anything leather—with a wet rag and some mild soap. A good strong vacuum like a shopvac will help you clean the floors of sand and rocks. Then it’s time to tackle the outside.

You might think it will save you some time to go through one of those automatic car washes, but this time of year that might not be a good idea. Those devices see a lot of traffic in the Spring, and that forces them to recycle the water more than you might want. Do you really want recycled, potentially dirty water, sprayed on your car?

So doing it yourself is advised. The combination of fresh air and exercise will get you in a good mood for Spring. If you can, wash your car in the shade. Washing it in the direct sunlight will not give you good results especially if it turns out to be a hot day.

Washing the exterior is easy, but it’s even easier to forget about the underside. That’s where the chemicals and rocks and sand can give rust a grip on your car, so rinse the underside while you’ve got the hose out.

Once you get it dry, a good waxing will really convince you winter is over. A spray-on wax is the easiest to use, but paste wax will last longer.

Finally, while you are waxing, make a note of any dings in the finish. There are a lot of rocks and sand on roads during the winter, and they can mar your finish. Once a ding gets through your paint, it gives rust something to hold onto, so get those fixed early.

Squishing, Squealing, Grinding, Pulling

The rule of thumb is that we learn from our mistakes, but that doesn’t work when it comes to your car’s brakes. The lesson you might learn from a total brake failure is just too costly. Instead learn to look, hear, and feel for signs that it’s time to get your brakes checked. Repairs to brakes are never optional, and they can never be put off for another day.

Squishy brakes are something you feel in your brake pedal when you have to push the pedal further than you usually do. That means either the master cylinder isn’t doing its job or your brake lines might have air in them. Have them both checked.

Squealing brakes usually means that your brake pads are on their last legs. Brake pads are manufactured so they give off this sound when you’ve ground them down to a point where you only have a couple of thousand miles left on the pads.

Grinding brakes means you probably ignored the squealing, and there’s nothing left of your pads. In this case, the metal of the brake pads is now grinding on the rotors, and both will need to be replaced.

Pulling brakes are usually caused by misadjusted brakes, so one side is braking harder than the other and car will actually feel like it’s being steered to one side or another without you doing anything. This can be caused by a sticky brake caliper, grease on the actual brake pads, or a sticky parking brake.

These are all ways to hear and feel your way around your braking system, but don’t forget to simply look. If the ABS light is on, for example, you’ll need to get that diagnosed.

The author Barry LaPatner said “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” Unfortunately that doesn’t work when it comes to your brakes. Bad judgment that involves your brakes is never worth it.

Nissan NOW Sales Event at Windsor Nissan

The Nissan NOW Sales Event is going on NOW at Windsor Nissan!

Nissan's NOW Sales Event at Windsor Nissan

Nissan's NOW Sales Event at Windsor Nissan

Get the best deals of the year on your favorite Nissan models. Like the 2012 Rogue – get 0% financing for 60 months! Or the 2012 Maxima – Lease for $229/mo!

Nissan's NOW Sales Event at Windsor Nissan

Nissan's NOW Sales Event at Windsor Nissan

See all of the savings and discounts at Windsor Nissan’s website or visit us at 590 US Highway 130, East Windsor, NJ 08520.

Nissan's NOW Sales Event at Windsor Nissan

Nissan's NOW Sales Event at Windsor Nissan

Hurry to Windsor Nissan NOW before all of the savings are gone!

Not-So-Obvious Ways to Keep Your Car Running Great

When it comes to proper maintenance of your car, there’s the typical stuff you hear all the time. Most of it involves fluids: changing your oil, changing your coolant, changing your transmission fluid. On the hardware side, replacing fuel filters, windshield wipers and checking your tire pressure are all important maintenance habits.

But there are also are some less-obvious things you can do to make sure your car stays running and healthy.

Use your parking brake on hills. If you depend on your transmission to keep your car in place on a hill — by putting it in park — you are putting a lot of pressure on a tiny pin called a parking pawl. Add years to the life of your transmission, and use the parking brake on hills.

Change the differential fluid. About every 60K miles, you will want to have a mechanic change the differential fluid. Like the transmission, the differential is extremely important to the forward motion of your car and very expensive to replace.

Lose some weight. Many of us live in our cars too many hours of the day, and we tend to acquire freight in the back seat and trunk. Is that crockpot still back there? Is that really four bags of laundry? Oh, that’s where you left that generator. Hauling that extra weight around takes its toll on your car by making it work harder (and reducing your miles per gallon). It’s time to unload.

Make a complete stop before shifting. It’s easy to get lazy when you’re backing out of a spot and want to get going, but shifting into drive before your car is ready is a sure way to cook your transmission—not right away, but over time. Bring your car to a full stop and then shift. A transmission is a terrible thing to waste.

One final tip — schedule your next service with Windsor Nissanto keep your car running great.

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