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Make Distance Matter with these 12 tips from Bob Maguire Chevy…

  1. Make Distance Matter with these 12 tips from Bob Maguire Chevy...

    Make Distance Matter with these 12 tips from Bob Maguire Chevy…

    Engine Maintenance – A properly maintained engine can improve fuel economy about 4 percent, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Fixing a serious issue – such as faulty oxygen sensor – can boost mileage upto 40 percent. Never ignore a service-engine-soon light.

  2. Pump Up – Properly inflated tires improve gas mileage by up to 3.3 percent. Properly inflated tires are safer and last longer. Under-inflated tires can lower fuel economy by 0.3 percent for every one pound-per-square-inch drop in the pressure of all four tires. Do not rely solely on the tire pressure monitoring system to detect an under inflated tire – it’s best to check tires with a good gauge once a month and check your owner’s manual for more information.
  3. Unpack – Carrying unneeded cargo makes your vehicle work harder and use more gas. The EPA says an extra 100 pounds reduces fuel economy up to 2 percent – even more in smaller vehicles. A loaded roof rack cuts fuel economy by up to 5 percent. About a quarter of each gallon of gas goes toward overcoming wind resistance, so when cargo rides on top of the vehicle, fuel economy is reduced. Even empty ski/snowboard and bike racks can affect aerodynamics, so remove them when the seasons are over.
  4. Slow Down – While each vehicle reaches its optimal fuel economy at a different speed (or range of speeds), gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph, according to the EPA. Every 5 mph over 60 mph is like adding an additional 24 cents per gallon for gas.
  5. Avoid Idling – A car gets 0 mpg when the engine is idling: While it does take a small amount of fuel to restart a vehicle, 15 minutes in the drive-through can burn through a quarter of a gallon of fuel. So that dollar menu is more like a $2 menu.
  6. Chill Out – Speeding, rapid acceleration and braking can lower gas mileage by 33 percent on the highway and 5percent in city driving.
  7. Put it in Overdrive – Using an overdrive gear on the highway reduces engine speed, saving both fuel and engine wear.
  8. Roll ‘Em Down Around Town – Air conditioning reduces fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent. Avoid using the air conditioner by rolling down the windows at speeds below 40 mph. At speeds above 45 mph, wind drag uses more fuel than running the A/C.
  9. Unclog– It’s hard to run if you can’t breathe. Older cars without fuel injection and computer-controlled technology can lose 14 percent of their fuel economy because of a dirt-clogged air filter, which also can damage the engine.A clean air filter improves acceleration. An air filter full of dirt makes the engine work harder and can let in impurities that damage the engine. Replacing a severely plugged filter improves fuel economy by up to 14 percent,according to the EPA. In modern cars, replacing a dirty or clogged air filter improves acceleration performance. 
  10. Use the Right Oil – Because oil reduces engine friction and friction makes an engine work harder, using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of oil improves fuel economy by 1 percent to 2 percent.
  11. Plan your Trips – Taking your kids to soccer or swim classes? Grocery shopping? Plan routes and timing to avoid heavy periods of traffic congestion.
  12. Cap Check – Loose or poorly fitting gas gaps not only can trigger a “check engine light” warning; they send 147million gallons of gasoline into the air as vapor every year, according to a report by the Discovery Channel. A missing or poorly fitting cap can reduce fuel economy by 1 to 2 percent.
Make Distance Matter with these 12 tips from Bob Maguire Chevy...

Make Distance Matter with these 12 tips from Bob Maguire Chevy…

Chevy Equinox at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

The Chevy Equinox is the traveling companion you’ve been waiting for. From the daily commute to the activity filled weekend, this sleek and versatile crossover makes any trip an adventure.

The available AWD is great for trekking on any path you choose and with the assistance of OnStar Turn-by-Turn navigation1 , standard for six months, you are sure to arrive on time.

Chevy Equinox at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

Chevy Equinox at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

With eighteen storage areas, Equinox gives you the space to store a variety of differently shaped and sized cargo. And the deep center console is a convenient location to hide your valuables while you’re out experiencing the world.

Equinox has an available roof rack and dealer-installed Hitch Trailering package, giving you all the conveniences for life’s outdoor adventures. For indoor endeavors, it features the all-new available Chevrolet MyLink2, an in-car infotainment and connectivity system providing both touchscreen and advanced voice recognition to access online services via your compatible smartphone, like Pandora Internet Radio®3 and Stitcher SmartRadio®3.

So if you’re looking for a smart and attractive crossover with flexibility and functionality too, check out the 2012 Equinox. Stop by Bob Maguire Chevrolet for a test drive today!


1. Visit onstar.com for coverage map, details and system limitations. Services vary by model and conditions.
2. MyLink functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.
3. Data plan rates apply

Service Specials at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

Our certified service makes vehicle maintenance easy for you. And now through September 30th at Bob Maguire Chevrolet, our certified service will be easier on your wallet too.

Major Confidence Boost at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

If you’re looking to buy a new 2012 Chevy, we have a great way to boost your confidence during decision time. How? By simply offering the best prices of the year plus our Love it or Return it Guarantee1.

With Chevy’s Total Confidence Pricing2, the price you see is the price you pay. That means you’re guaranteed to get a great deal on 2012 Chevy cars like Cruze and Malibu. Or crossovers like Traverse and Equinox. And of course the most dependable, longest lasting trucks on the road, Silverado3. There’s no need to negotiate and everyone in America can get the same low price.

And if you’re not happy with your new Chevy, we’ll give you up to 60 days to bring it back in. It’s all part of our Love it or Return it Guarantee1. Simply put: if you don’t love it, you can return it. But we’re pretty confident you’ll want to keep it. Go to chevyconfidence.com for full details and restrictions.

So stop into Bob Maguire Chevrolet today and take advantage of the best prices of the year with Total Confidence Pricing2. And don’t forget about our Love it or Return it Guarantee1. But hurry, this special opportunity ends 9/4/12!


1. Purchase and take retail delivery of a 2012 – 2013 vehicle by 9/4/2012. Return undamaged between 30-60 days with less than 4,000 miles. Excludes employees and dealership employees. Not available with some other offers. Other restrictions apply. Go to chevyconfidence.com for limitations and details.
2. Go to chevyconfidence.com for full details and restrictions. Purchase a 2012 vehicle by 9/4/2012. Not available with some other offers. Tax, title, license and dealer fees extra
3. Dependability based on longevity: 1981-July 2011 full-size pickup registrations.

Chevy Youth Baseball!

Your Philly Area Chevy dealers are once again doing more than just rooting for the home team. They are supporting them through the Chevrolet Youth Baseball Program.

Dealers in the Philly, South New Jersey and Delaware areas are sponsoring local youth baseball leagues as a part of Chevrolet’s nationwide commitment to support youth sports, one community at a time.

Chevrolet helps facilitate the partnering of each league with their local dealer. The sponsorship includes a donation of $1,250 worth of Chevrolet branded equipment and a $500 check.

In addition, Youth Clinics are held at Citizens Bank Park where the children get a chance to get coaching tips from professional players and coaches PLUS play on a Major League field. Each year hundreds of Philly Area Youth get this opportunity but sponsored league members have to sign-up on a first come basis.

Click here for the Youth Clinic experience!

2013 Traverse at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

2013 Traverse at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

2013 Traverse at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

An aggressive and dramatic exterior appearance isn’t reserved for sports cars alone. Whether it’s hot laps or afterschool pickups, it’s all still driving and it all deserves a refined presence and feel. The Chevrolet Traverse has been the crossover utility vehicle for any lifestyle, a benchmark in cargo space and passenger comfort, and a leader in safety standards within its class. But there’s no rest for the iconic.

Rethought, reshaped and redesigned, the 2013 Traverse reveals with a new exterior design. Its lean, sculpted lines and dramatic accents include a front dual grille, reshaped headlamps and taillights along with chrome accents and fog lamps on LT and LTZ.Beautifully tailored appointments redefine the 2013 Traverse interior. Upscale materials create soft-touch surfaces on the dash and doorpanels. Ambient lighting subtly illuminates the interior. Adjustable headrests allow for personalized comfort while driving. Stunning details serve as accents throughout the interior such as contrasting stitching and interior wood trim on LT and LTZ. The 2013 Traverse elevates interior appearance and comfort without compromising the spaciousness it is known for.

Drivers will still enjoy best-in-class maximum cargo space, 116.3 cubic feet, or seating for up to eight adult passengers on LS and LT models. There’s even more space behind the third row than any competitor in its class. And just as Traverse has always been engineered with the safety of drivers and their loved ones in mind, the 2013 Traverse continues to build on its award-winning predecessor with innovative safety technology and features

The intuitively designed center console keeps music, entertainment and information within the driver’s reach. The available Chevrolet MyLink Touch Radio accesses content from compatible smartphones and safely makes that content available with a simple touch through the 6.5-inch diagonal color touch-screen (available on 2LT and LTZ). Drivers can use voice commands or touch-screen controls to instantly access a variety of entertainment through SiriusXM Satellite Radio or from streaming sources like Pandora® and Stitcher SmartRadio. And rest assured the 2013 Traverse comes equipped for one year with the OnStar Directions & Connections® Plan with Turn-by-Turn Navigation and Automatic Crash Response to help stay safely on course.

Bob Maguire Chevys New Sign!

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Chevy Confidence Program at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

With our Chevy Confidence Program, everyone at Bob Maguire Chevy is a PREFERRED CUSTOMER – including you! So, what does this mean?

Until September 4th, 2012:

  • Get GM Preferred Pricingon every new Chevy in stock!
    • With GM Preferred Pricing à the price you see, is the price you pay!
  • Receive any available rebates & incentives on the vehicle of your choice!
    • We have rebates that go up to $4,500! Or …
    • Get 0% APR on some of our most popular vehicles!
  • PLUS: you can opt-into the Love It or Return It Program
    • If you don’t like your new Chevy within 60 days of your purchase … return it!

Hurry! Offers end on 9/4/12. Have a great Summer & we hope to see you in our dealership soon!

Fight Autism at Bob Maguire Chevrolet!

Donate your clothing and shoes at Bob Maguire Chevy to the Erika Lynn

Foundation and help in the fight against Autism!

About the Erika Lynn Foundation:

The Erika Lynn Foundation is a non-profit organization created to generate needed resources for institutions that serve children with mental or physical handicaps.

Through the collection of clothing, shoes, toys and books from the public and private sectors, we arrange their redistribution to local thrift stores and textile outlets.

We then donate a percentage of what we earn to charities for children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Children’s cancer or any other child disease organization that needs our help.

So please join us in this worthy cause of helping these children. Thank you in advance. http://www.erikalynn.org

Total Confidence Pricing at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

Every Chevrolet vehicle we make is of the highest quality and provides exceptional value and satisfaction the second you drive it. It’s what Chevy Confidence is all about.

With Total Confidence Pricing, you’re guaranteed the same low price as everyone in America. The price you see, is the price you pay, plain and simple. Rest assured. You’re getting a great deal on the Chevy you want, no negotiation needed.

And with our Love It or Return It Guarantee, you’re sure to be satisfied long after you drive your Chevy home. We’ll give you 60 days to make sure of it with our new Love It or Return It Guarantee. Buy a 2012 or 2013 Chevy, and if you’re not happy, you can bring it back. We’re pretty confident you won’t want to let it go.

Total Confidence Pricing and our Love It or Return It Guarantee. It’s all part of Chevy Confidence. See www.chevrolet.com/confidence for complete program details.


Purchase and take retail delivery of a 2012-2013 vehicle by 9/4/2012. Return undamaged between 30-60 days with less than 4,000 miles. Excludes employees and dealership employees. Not available with some other offers. Other restrictions apply. Go to www.chevrolet.com/confidence for complete program details.

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