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Spring Potholes in Bordentown Are No Match for the Chevrolet Cruze

Even with a mild winter in Bordentown, potholes are a rite of spring. But it is simulated cracks and craters in the pavement developed by General Motors’ engineers that help develop the ride quality of vehicles like the global Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan, available at Bob Maguire Chevrolet.

The buildup of moisture in the small holes and cracks in the road during the winter months alternates between freezing and thawing as temperatures fall and rise, causing expansion and contraction of the road surface. The result can be significant breaks in the pavement under the weight of normal vehicle traffic. 

The potholes at GM’s Milford Proving Ground don’t look like the ones drivers encounter on daily commutes. These are specially designed, fabricated in metal and planted into the ground with concrete surface around them.  The downslope and the ramp up in these engineered potholes vary to simulate severity of road damage and recreate varied load conditions that occur in a vehicle when it is driven through one.

The designer potholes allow for controlled, repetitive testing, necessary to assess durability and help determine the fine tuning that contributes to a comfortable ride.

“With spring sunshine, comes potholes, which can be a drivers worst enemy,” said Michael Maguire, President of Bob Maguire Chevrolet. “Chevy has gone above and beyond with testing of the Cruze, and we’re more than confident drivers in the area will be satisfied with the vehicle.”

The Cruze, which has sold more than 1.13 million units in more than 100 markets around the world since its launch in late 2009, underwent extensive road testing around the world to ensure consistent ride quality and comfort from Korea to Bordentown  and points between.  

“We’ve got a wide variety of road surfaces that simulate real-world road conditions around the globe,” says Frank Barhorst, who supervises the Product Usage Measurements and Applications group in Milford.  “The range of road surfaces that we test on goes from good to bad, in order to find the most-balanced condition for each vehicle we develop.”

“For durability, we might want roads with potholes or twist events. For noise, it could be chatter bumps on a dirt road, or concrete that is getting old and bald. Then there are considerations such as loose gravel for handling,” said Barhorst.

The Cruze is Chevrolet’s best-selling nameplate and helped the brand sell more passenger cars than any automaker in the United States in 2011.

The Cruze at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

Chevy Cruze is one of the hottest selling compact cars of the year. For the unabridged version of why Cruze is getting so much attention from consumers and trade professionals alike.

The Cruze at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

The Cruze at Bob Maguire Chevrolet

Chevy Cruze is quickly rewriting the story of what a compact car should be. It’s turning expectations into great expectations. How? The theme of this success story is one word: more. It gives you more of everything you need and deserve from efficiency to safety, features to styling.

Cruze offers more cargo space*, more safety with best-in-class 10 standard air bags, and more miles per gallon in the Cruze Eco. At 42 MPG**, it’s the best highway mileage of any gas engine in America.

The plot continues with awards and recognition. Cruze is an IIHS 2011 “Top Safety Pick” and received a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.1 Cruze was named a “Best Value in America” by Vincentric, a privately held automotive data compilation and analysis firm. Cruze was also one of Ward’s “10 Best Interiors of 2011”.

The ending to this story is anything but predictable. Cruze is a driving experience you won’t expect from a compact. It has race proven Z-link rear suspension that can out corner a 2011 BMW328i. It has a sleek, luxurious look. Delivers an upscale performance. And the Cruze LTZ model is priced quite reasonably.2 The 2011 Chevy Cruze. Not bad for a first edition.

Chevrolet CRUZE Available at Bob Maguire Chevrolet NJ

Have any questions about the Chevrolet CRUZE Available at Bob Maguire Chevrolet NJ? Just write a comment on this post or call Bob Maguire Chevrolet at 609-291-1000 to have all of your questions on the Chevrolet CRUZE answered.

Bordentown Chevrolet CRUZE in Stock!!

Bordentown Chevrolet CRUZE is now in stock!

Tim Allen is the New Voice of Chevy!

Its official, Tim Allen is the new voice of Chevrolet! The ads with Allen start today with the Chevrolet CRUZE televsion advertisement.

2011 Chevy CRUZE

The person in charge of redefining Chevrolet’s image, Joel Ewanick, says Allen “brings the right combination of a recognizable voice with the credibility, likability and humor that will connect with viewers.” and “His passion for all things cars makes him the perfect match for the Chevrolet brand.”

Tim Allen

I know I look forward to seeing the new ads with Tim Allen! Are you?


Starting as early as this September you will be able to get your hands on Chevy’s newest and hottest car: the 2011 CRUZE. Derived from the Cobalt (which was derived from the Cavalier…so, by process of elimination, the CRUZE is derived from the Cavalier), the CRUZE is one of the few Compact-cars that can create a Midsized-car presence, but stay priced in the Compact-car range.  As of now, you can pick up a CRUZE for as little as $16,995. Prices do vary by trim level, with the highest trim level starting at $22,695, but for the most part the 2011 Chevy CRUZE will stay priced between $16,995 and $18,895.

2011 Chevrolet CRUZE

“We believe the CRUZE can redefine the expectations for Compact-car owners and shoppers who are new to the segment, ” said Chevy’s Vice President of Marketing, Jim Campbell. “For the price of a compact car, CRUZE offers styling, safety features, roominess, amenities, and refinement of a much more expensive car.”

CRUZE Interior

The base 2011 Chevy CRUZE features:

  • 1.8 Ecotec engine
  • Six-Speed manual transmission
  • Ten airbags
  • StabiliTrak electronic stability control with rollover sensing
  • Traction control
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Collapsible pedal system
  • Power rear-door safety locks
  • OnStar
  • Air Conditioning
  • Power windows and locks
  • Keyless entry
  • Driver information center
  • XM Radio

CRUZE Vehicles by the Side of a Cargo Ship

Some of the plethora of options the CRUZE offers:

  • In-dash navigation system
    • 40-gigabyte hard drive
    • Pause and Play radio
    • Downloading of audio CDs
    • Transferring MP3 files from a USB memory device
  • Pioneer Audio System
    • Nine speakers
    • 250-watt amplifier
  • Heated leather seats
  • Ultrasonic rear park assist
  • RS appearance package
    • Rocker moldings
    • Rear spoiler
    • Front fog lamps

2011 CRUZE Eco Edition

Be on the look-out for this new, eco-friendly Compact-car! The arrival date for the 2011 Chevy CRUZE will be early September of this year, so stop by your local Chevy dealer to ask a Salesman about all of the CRUZE’s details.

Chevy Cruze price more than the competitors

The price for the new 2011 Chevy Cruze would start from $16,995, including shipping, several hundred dollars greater than its targeted import competitors.

Chevrolet Cruze 2011

Chevrolet Cruze 2011

In the month of september, Chevy Cruze would start appearing in the showrooms, and General Motors Co. wants it to fight the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. The 2010 Civic starts at $16,405, and the Corolla starts at $16,200. Both prices include shipping.

“While some of our competitors may have a lower starting price, Cruze wins on value once these competitors are optioned up,” Chevrolet marketing chief Jim Campbell said today in a statement.

By way of example, a manual-transmission base model Civic is included with six air bags and lacks standard air conditioning, power locks and keyless entry. The base Cruze LS with a six-speed manual transmission comes with those features, in conjunction with 10 air bags.

The Cruze LS has a 1.8-liter four-cylinder Ecotec engine. For $18,895, buyers can upgrade to the LT version, with its standard 1.4-liter turbocharged Ecotec and a six-speed automatic transmission.

The same amount will buy the Eco model, which comes with the 1.4-liter Ecotec turbo, a manual transmission and lower front grille air shutters that close to improve aerodynamics.

Lightweight forged aluminum wheels from Alcoa and Goodyear’s Fuel Max tires will help the Eco model achieve an expected 40 mpg, GM says. GM aims to market the Cruze Eco as a gasoline-powered car that delivers hybrid-like fuel economy without a hybrid’s hefty price tag.

Interior Cruze

2011 Cruze Interior

The Cruze LTZ starts at $22,695 and includes leather seats, Bluetooth, cruise control, a USB port for the audio system, rear-parking assist and remote vehicle start. It has the 1.4-liter Ecotec and an automatic transmission.

The 2010 Cobalt, which the Cruze is replacing, starts at $15,710 with shipping. GM has already said it will add a third shift in Lordstown, Ohio, when it changes over belonging to the Cobalt to the Cruze.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze Interior

More Interior

2011 Chevy Cruze Eco

General Motors unveiled the Chevrolet Cruze ECO at New York Auto Show. The Chevrolet Cruze ECO is a high-efficiency model which is powered by a 1.4-liter Ecotec turbocharged engine equipped with variable valve timing that’s coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. A six-speed automatic will also be offered as an option. The company estimates the Chevrolet Cruze ECO will give a 40 mpg fuel consumption on the highway.

The Chevrolet Cruze ECO comes with a lower front grille air shutter that closes at high speeds to improve aerodynamics and a lower front air dam extension. The Chevrolet Cruze ECO also features a lowered ride height, 17-inch lightweight aluminum wheels and ultra-low rolling resistance 17-inch Goodyear tires.

The Eco achieves greater fuel economy using a number of features that enhance its aerodynamics, minimize weight and reduce rolling resistance. The Chevrolet says the Cruze ECO will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 10 seconds with the manual gearbox and in 0 to 60mph in just 9 seconds with the automatic gearbox.

Also debuting in New York will be a sporty variant of the Cruze, the RS model, which is essentially a styling package. It will be available on the upscale Cruze LT and LTZ trim levels. It features special bumpers, side skirt,  a rear spoiler and an instrument cluster with chrome accent rings.

The Chevrolet Cruze ECO price and availability will be announced at a later date and the Cruze Eco will be available in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Cruze Getting RS Appearance Package

GM will be expanding use of the RS trim pioneered by the new Camaro.

9th march 2010

Chevrolet Cruze was a huge hit at Los Angeles auto show in December by General Motors. Huge response was witnessed through volume of questions about the performance variant of Cruze. The Cobalt SS, sub-par interiors are well known for the legacy of GM compact performance which is always a coveted feature people look for. But surprisingly GM still not confirmed anything about this performance variant and kept on using RS phrase in conversations. GMI has indicated reasons about bringing RS by GM.

Here 2011 order guide for Cruze confirmed a optional RS package on the car. This option is restricted to 2LT and LTZ trim levels and tagged as “appearance package”. RS package is supposed to be having additions as unique deck-lid spoiler, Ground effects package, unique instrument panel and Fog lamps.

By knowing this it is understood that there will be no performance enhancements to the Cruze RS model. According to demonstration Camaro RS package, the RS moniker will be just appearance packages only. This car is going to be launched after fall and by that time only Cruze can be available with RS package. Also few sources clearly confirmed that GM has not took any decision with regard to the Cruze SS to succeed the Cobalt SS.

2010 Detroit Auto Show : 2011 Chevrolet Cruze :

The Chevrolet’s all-new Cruze sedan making its world premiere in several months, revealing a dynamic four-door coupe that proves exciting design and value are not mutually exclusive. Cruze features a dramatic re-interpretation of the traditional sedan featuring Chevrolet’s new global design language that is becoming a signature on all new products carrying the gold bowtie. Cruze’s arching roof-line, extending from the steeply raked windshield to its sloping rear pillars and short rear deck, brings coupe-like proportions to a compact sedan.

Cruze is Wider and longer than most of its competitors and has a purposeful stance with its wheels located at the outer edges of the tautly drawn bodywork. Noticeably tight body panel fits and a restrained use of exterior trim add to a high quality, ‘hewn from solid’ appearance. Cruze’s dramatic profile is matched by bold front styling, with large headlamp housings that wrap around the front corners and sweep up, arrow-like, into the fenders and sculpted hood. Other distinct design themes include a concave shoulder line, the two-tier grille and a “wheels-out/body-in” stance. Inside, Cruze features a ‘twin cockpit’ design motif, first introduced in the iconic Corvette sports car.

“Our goal in designing Cruze was to be bold, not evolutionary,” says chief designer Taewan Kim. “We wanted to take a big step forward, making a strong design statement for Chevrolet products around the world.”

Chevrolet’s progressive design is also reflected in the quality of Cruze’s interior. The use of grained surfaces, soft-touch materials and low gloss trim panels ensures a quality ambience that echoes the clean, harmonious design of the exterior.

Cruze will be available with 16-valve, 1.6-liter (112 hp/82 kW) and 1.8-liter (140 hp/103 kW) gasoline engines featuring variable valve timing (VVT) on both inlet and exhaust sides, giving more power as well as better fuel economy and lower emissions.

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