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The Nissan LEAF Makes Its First Delivery

The Nissan LEAF makes its first delivery in Petaluma, CA! On Sunday, December 12, 2010 the very first Nissan LEAF was sold to a tech exec. in California.

The Nissan LEAF Makes Its First Delivery
The Nissan LEAF Makes Its First Delivery

What an exciting day for Nissan! Windsor Nissan can not wait until the LEAF comes to its store. Check out their website at www.WindsorNissan.com for the latest updates on the LEAF.

The Nissan LEAF Makes Its First Delivery
The Nissan LEAF Makes Its First Delivery

The Nissan LEAF’s next destinations over the next few weeks are: Southern California, Tennessee, Seattle, Oregon and Arizona.

The Nissan LEAF Makes Its First Delivery
The Nissan LEAF Makes Its First Delivery

Look out world, the Nissan LEAF makes its first delivery!

Nissan and Apple, Together in Perfect Harmony

Earlier this month Apple launched its new advertising app: iAds, to be viewed by iPhone users. The application allows companies to advertise within other iPhone Apps without being a distraction to the iPhone user or force the iPhone user to click into an internet site.

Steve Jobs Explaining iAds

Nissan found this new iPhone app to be very appealing for its Nissan LEAF campaign, so it signed up with Apple and became the first automotive company to participate in iAds. When an iPhone user clicks on the Nissan LEAF iAds advertisement, they will be directed to a video explaining all of the electric vehicle’s specs.

iAds App for the Nissan LEAF

This new spin on marketing should favor well for Nissan, and hopefully Apple will be just as pleased with its new application platform.

Nissan LEAF

For more information on the LEAF, go to Windsor Nissan in East Windsor, NJ to speak with a salesman about all of the exciting feautres that the new electric vehicle has to offer!

Nissan LEAF to Whistle??

The Nissan LEAF is a revolutionary machine – it is the first mass produced vehicle to drive up to 100 miles with out an ounce of gas! However, because of its unique ability to be powered by a battery, opposed to the traditional gas engine, there are some concerns about this one-of-a-kind machine.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

The vehicle is so quiet that people fear for accidents involving blind pedestrians. If the vehicle is unable to be heard by a blind pedestrian, the pedestrian may walk into the path of the person driving the LEAF, unknowingly.

So, in order to make sure this does not happen, Nissan has decided to put a ‘whistle’ on its LEAF. When the vehicle is going under 19 miles an hour (the speed it is least likely to be heard by pedestrians), the car will make a whistling sound to alert pedestrians that it is near. Pretty cool, huh?

The LEAF has SOLD OUT for 2010

Nissan has officially hit its 19,000th reservation for the LEAF, and, unfortunately, will no longer be accepting reservations for 2010. No need to worry, though, you will be able to get your Nissan LEAF shortly after the production of the first 19,000 vehicles. Nissan, actually, anticipates that by the year 2013 they will sell 500,000 LEAFs to the public.

2010 Nissan LEAF

2011 Nissan LEAF

So if you are thinking about owning a Nissan LEAF, stay in close contact with your local Nissan dealer to get all of the latest updates about when you can start to reserve a LEAF of your own (if you are in the area, Windsor Nissan can keep you up to date with all of the LEAF information)!

Nissan LEAF Orders Already Above Capacitp

In just a few short days Nissan has already received over 13,000 orders for its 2011 LEAF!

2011 Nissan LEAF

2011 Nissan LEAF

This is both a wonderful and scary idea for Nissan. On the one hand, it is a huge honor & blessing that over 13,000 people want a Nissan LEAF, but on the other hand Nissan does not have the production capacity for that many new vehicles. It only anticipated that under 12,000 vehicles would be produced by the December delivery date, and now that the 13,000 have already been ordered, Nissan is well over that prediction.

Nissan Production Plant

Nissan Assembly Line

So, in order to make sure that all of the people who want a LEAF, get a LEAF in a timely manner, Nissan is looking into adding production capacity. I will keep you updated with more information on this as I hear more!

Hertz & the Nissan LEAF!

2011 Nissan LEAF

2011 Nissan LEAF

Early next year Hertz will be adding the all electric Nissan LEAF to its line-up of rental cars available in the US and Europe.



The car will start out in select cities, and then gradually grow to a larger span of places. The first cities in the US will be in the
California area (thats where the Toyota Prius did the best when it was introduced into the Hertz line-up).

2011 Nissan LEAF Interior

2011 Nissan LEAF Interior

Be on the look out for them! Renting a Nissan LEAF from Hertz for a day or two is a great way to test drive the vehicle and see if it is for you!

2011 Nissan LEAF Gears

2011 Nissan LEAF Gears

How to Reserve Your Very Own Nissan LEAF!

As the arrival of Nissan’s electric car, the LEAF, approaches, many people are concerned about how to get their hands on one. We all know that there is a reservation process that needs to be done in order to purchase one, but just how does one go about doing that? Well, I am here to tell you to worry no more! I am going to explain all of the tips and tricks to reserve your space in line!

First and Foremost: Reservations are open to the public on May 15th, 2010.

Step #1: To being your Nissan LEAF Customer Journey Reservation Process, you need to go onto the Nissan LEAF website, http://www.nissausa.com/leaf-electric-car, to create an account.

Step #2: You need to complete the New Driver Snapshot (everything about this will be explained on the website)

Step #3: Create and configure your very own Nissan LEAF in the New Driver Snapshot

Step #4: Lock in your reservation through a reservation fee, which will be found on the reservation payment page

Things to remember:

1 – You can only place a reservation on the LEAF if you have created an account on the Nissan LEAF website.

2 – There is only one reservation per customer! If you try to create more than one entry, your name will be removed from the system. Similarly, only one reservation per address will be accepted.

3 – Reservations are meant to be solely for the individual reserving the LEAF. The reservation can not be transferred, traded, assigned, or sold.

4 – Nissan reserves the right to cancel any reservation that does not comply with the procedures outlined above.

Stop by Windsor Nissan for more information and details on how to reserve your very own Nissan LEAF!

Electric Cars Are Almost Here!

We all know how important it is to lower our carbon footprint; what we do today ultimately affects those in the future. Nissan and Chevrolet have decided to help future generations by introducing electric cars. Nissan is placing its ‘Leaf’ on the market later on this year, and the same goes for Chevrolet with its ‘Volt’.

The Nissan Leaf will be able to travel up to 100 miles on one charge! Now, 100 miles may not seem like that long of a distance, but most Americans actually travel less than that to get to work and back every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to virtually never have to pay for gas again?

The new electric cars are being modeled to look and act as normal, gas vehicles. There are many technological attractions about green cars – including, blind spot sensors, collision avoidance systems and touch sensitive controls. Even the prices of the vehicles are aimed to be priced around those of its gas competitors (roughly $30,000 to $40,000).

Be on the look out for Nissan and Chevy’s electric cars later on this year!

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