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Sharing time and wisdom is part of a dealer’s routine


When Tari Cash was trying to break into the auto business in 2008, her father, a Harvard University business professor, suggested she contact a former student and car dealer, Marcy Maguire, who might make time for a phone call or a job lead.

Instead Maguire, president of Windsor Nissan in East Windsor, N.J., and a member of the NADA board of directors, rolled out the red carpet for what Cash recalls as “extreme mentoring.”

“Marcy offered to have me spend a day with her and her family, with time at each of their dealerships. She showed me around, shared insight and gave me a hands-on perspective,” said Cash, now 37, who soon after landed a job at Telsa Motors, bolstered by new confidence. That job recently ended, and she turned to Maguire again, knowing she has an open door for mentoring. “Marcy is always willing to share the nuts and bolts of business with me.”

Maguire is one of 800 female car dealers out of approximately 17,500 dealers currently operating in the United States, according to NADA. She became an NADA director in 2003 and helped initiate the women’s breakfast at the group’s annual convention. She was named to the Automotive News list of 100 Leading Women in the Automotive Industry in 2005 and 2010.

Yet an office full of awards doesn’t insulate her from struggles. The Saturn investment she made in 1991, along with the two dealerships she bought in 1993 and nourished with care, went out of business in 2009.

Amid the responsibilities of running the store, she carves out time for The Committee of 200, whose goal is to mentor young women in business schools. With advanced degrees from Harvard and the University of Michigan, Maguire chose to set up a scholarship at the University of Michigan’s doctoral program to help women become professors in business schools, in part because she has fond memories of the campus in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Maguire is on the board of the U.S. Tennis Association, raises funds for scholarships and is an ambassador for the NADA Charitable Foundation. She helps a plethora of organizations.

“Car dealers are not just selling cars. They invest in the community at large,” says Maguire. “I have the pleasure of driving in and out of the store every day and thinking how I can improve my town … how we can help customers and citizens be part of this caring and contributing mosaic.”

Article by Maureen McDonald

100 Leading Women In the Automotive Industry

Automotive News announced its top 100 Leading Women in the North American Automotive industry for 2010. The last time this report was done was in 2005, and most of the stakes and the women are entirely different. Nearly half of the women from 2005 had left the Automobile Industry these past five years and 2/3 of this year’s 100 women were not even on the list in 2005, as well.

Our very own Marcy Maguire, CEO of the Maguire Auto Group, however, is one of the few women announced as 1 of the 100 Leading Women in the Automotive industry in 2005 and 2010! And, just like Keith Edwards, Editor-In-Chief of Automotive News, stated in his opening remarks about the 100 Leading Women, “the survivors are succeeding and setting high standards for executives for years to come” – Marcy Maguire is just that.

The women on this list are, “at the forefront of thousands of successful female executives in the auto industry,” and, “their accomplishments are notable and deserve recognition”, Edwards. In Automotive News’ article on the 100 Leading Women in the Automotive Industry written on September 13, 2010, the 100 leading women were interviewed and spoke candidly about their involvement in the auto industry and balancing work and family.

Marcy Maguire was interviewed by Donna Harris and her recap of the interview was as follows:

Why did you want to work in the auto industry? I saw Saturn as an opportunity to take a fresh approach to the auto industry. I invested in it and got involved because I enjoyed the process.

First automotive job: I opened Saturn of Bordentown [N.J.]. Bob Stempel, former CEO of General Motors, attended the grand opening. And his wife, Pat, bought my first Saturn, a red coupe.

Proudest professional achievement: I have had the historic opportunity to serve in two positions as a National Automobile Dealers Association director — as a woman director at large from 2004 to 2007, and then again in 2008 I was unanimously elected by the New Jersey dealers to serve as the director for New Jersey. No one else has held two NADA directorships.

Current challenge at work: The biggest challenge is the lending environment both for consumers and for dealers. Credit hasn’t loosened up enough.

What you do to relax: I spend time with friends — I would say friends and laughter.

Of the 100 accomplished women on the list, 3 are NADA directors, 8 are auto dealers and 4 are executives of automotive groups! Marcy Maguire, our CEO, is not only categorized in one of those…but in all three!

According to Mary Beth Vander Schaaf, “Readers helped us find leading women by nominating more than 300 executives. A team of editors and reporters — with assistance from Terry Barclay, CEO of Inforum; Craig Giffi, U.S. automotive leader at Deloitte; and Katherine Otrompke, Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation board member — weighed the qualifications of each nominee. We looked for influential women at automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and dealerships who make major decisions.”

 Congratulations to all of the women that were on this year’s and past years’ lists! We are all looking forward to seeing the greatness you achieve in the future!

Saturn dealers looking for exit strategies

The year was 1990 when Bob Maguire, started selling Saturn vehicles in Bordentown, NJ, they were the first on the board to open the dealership when Saturn contacted them in 1989 and adds now it is time too think of new business with GM announcement of Saturn closing down.

Bob Maguire says his two Saturn dealerships at Bordentown and Toms River will continue to be open and sell. Maguire, the co-owner of Maguire Auto Group quips, I will try to cultivate new business and confident that something will come up soon.”

With the announcement by General Motors of wind down of Saturn vehicles after the acquisition deal with Penske Automotive failed, it left 350 Saturn dealers across the country have been left in the lurch and trying to find exit strategies including Bob and Marcy Maguire for themselves and also for the workers. The on going events and trends means almost definite death of Saturn brand that was set up by Saturn to fight against the Japanese imports in the 1990’s and currently it is estimated around 13,000 jobs are at stake.

The exact business plan is still vague, and the steps being taken after the shutdown of Saturn operations in October 2010 is still being formulated, but for one thing, the business will be as usual. We are looking for new business and selling new Saturn vehicles to anyone who is interested to purchase the last ones in the breed. He does not close out the option of shutting down the two dealerships at Bordentown and Toms River a year from now and is keeping all options open. Currently the two dealerships employ 25 people each. Maguire further adds that it is not is ambition to close down the dealerships, but would be forced if no viable options come up and says they still provide gainful employment to all their workers.

Saturn launched in 1990 with its own exclusive tag line, “A different kind of Car Company” gained popularity in America by their low-key showrooms and no-haggle pricing. General Motor had launched Saturn with the hope that with the dent free plastic panels, it would attract the young generation with the hipper cars. It built the Saturn plant at Springhill, TN devoted to Saturn vehicles.

Although it attracted and drew huge crowds, the brand could never make enough money, although it was never disclosed how much the company made profit on the Saturn brand.

The Saturn customers brand base we have, have their culture of their own and there were never a customer that was unhappy with their Saturn vehicle they purchased from us and sadly it’s true.

The closedown events have come as a shock to everyone. GM had even agreed to keep 3 models running beyond 2011 and after which Penske have had to come up with their own products made by any other manufacturer.

There is very little hope that talks could be reopened without another supplier in place before the deal was signed according to Anthony Pordon, a Penske spokesperson. It would take several years to design new vehicles, especially foreign vehicles which meet US standards and Penske would beat risk selling no products once the contract with GM expires.

The production of new Saturn vehicles will be stopped as soon as possible. But no layouts are expected according to Sherrie Childers, GM spokeswoman. The Saturn owners can still go to their dealers for servicing and will be able to go to certified GM dealers once the Saturn dealerships close down.

Maguire said it was even true for his NJ dealerships. They would continue to be in business and would take care of Saturn customers who are in need of servicing. The close down announcement has come as surprise to everyone. In this damn economy it is difficult to forecast anything but we are doing the best as we can, according to Bob Maguire.

Penske-Saturn deal could change how cars are sold

With Roger Penske’s pending purchase of Saturn from GM, it could be the beginning of the biggest change in how vehicles are sold. When the purchase is made final Penske will be able to shop around globally for the lowest cost auto maker to build his vehicles quickly. Fast turnarounds and lower costs could keep it profitable in brutal times. “What if we’re first? What if we win this race?” Marcy Maguire of Saturn of Bordentown and Saturn of Toms River said in response to low-cost, fuel-efficient vehicles. Marcy Maguire, a director of the National Automobile Dealers Association, foresees “fresh, distinctive” Saturns “from whatever area of the world” that can build to suit. “We live in a global community and buyers don’t seem to care who makes a car if it suits their needs. It truly is revolutionary.”

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