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Windsor Nissan

The Maguire Automotive Group has been serving New Jersey since 1976. We are a family owned and operated automotive dealership group, whose size and volume allow us to offer the largest selection, best prices, and added value programs, but also enable us to stay intune with our customers wants, needs, and desires. A vital factor of our success has been our unwavering dedication to our customers. Our motto is that a Maguire Auto Group customer will receive the best quality vehicles and service at the most competitive price. Most importantly, service and care are never sacrificed; we expect that the goal of each and everyone of our employee’s will be to help maintain this standard.


We strive to listen to our customers, create an environment of mutual trust, exceed all customer expectations, foster a “WIN-WIN” culture and environment for the customer and company, follow up diligently, and continually improve the quality of our products and services to benefit you, the customer.


The Maguire Auto Group maintains an unwavering standard of honesty. Integrity is an indispensible part of our relationship with every customer, employee, manufacturer, and vendor.




Dear Customers, Friends, and Patrons:


Windsor Nissan, a part of the Maguire Automotive Group, has consistently served customers with honesty, integrity, and a stalwart commitment to customer service.

We are located in East Windsor, NJ in a brand new, state of the art facility but our reach is far and our customer base broad.


Please use this site to get familiar with our friendly, family operated dealership, explore our vast inventory, and become part of our family.


Thanks for stopping by and for considering us in your search for a vehicle.


With Warm Regards,


Marcy Maguire

President, Windsor Nissan.





We offer the Maguire Rewards Program which will save the customer $200 off the purchase price of their next new or pre-owned vehicle. They also receive 3% cash back on their account for every service/parts purchase. When they enroll, the automatically get $10 in the account to use for service.


  • Extended Service Hours
  • FREE Shuttle Service
  • Wireless Internet Access to our customers in the dealership
  • Children’s play waiting area
  • State-of-the-art Nissan Sales and Service Facility with trained Nissan service technicians, and Nissan Certified Sales Consultants.
  • Free Car Washes with all service appointments.
  • Family owned and operated dealerships since 1976.

Why Service Your Vehicle at Windsor Nissan?

Windsor Nissan’s staff consists of factory trained Nissan service NJ technicians, who will thoroughly diagnosis and repair your vehicle’s problem. Plus, we use genuine Nissan parts to ensure that your vehicle has no lapses in warranty coverage. You can utilize our FREE shuttle service or you may wait in our customer friendly lounge which offers wireless internet for our busy customers, or simply relax with a coffee and choose from numerous newspapers and magazines.

To schedule your Nissan service NJ center auto appointment, you can call us at 800-893-2192, email us, or schedule online by completing our quick service appointment form. Once you are a part of the Windsor Nissan family, you can join our email list and receive monthly service coupons that will save you hundreds. We will also securely save your entire service history so that we can better serve your automotive needs each and every time you visit our convenient location. And if you haven’t joined the Maguire Rewards Program, be sure to sign up today! You can earn 3% cash back on every service visit and apply it to your service, parts, and/or accessory bill. Whether you need a tune up or major automotive repair, you can trust the quality of Windsor Nissan’s Factory Authorized Service Center.

So schedule your service appointment today at Windsor Nissan. We have evening and weekend hours available to work with your busy life.

Get Your Vehicle Clean at Windsor Nissan

Summer is an active season full of road trips, camping, swimming and anything involving fun in the sun. With all the exciting sunshine adventures, your vehicle’s cleanliness may have been neglected. Summertime isn’t over yet but a new season is approaching, making it time for a vehicle scrub down.

Get your car ready for seasonal changes by cleaning from the inside-out. Start by clearing out excess cargo. Not only does it weigh your vehicle down, but clutter also creates more cleaning obstacles. After your vehicle is cleared out, dust off the debris from the interior surfaces and start vacuuming. Use a high-powered vacuum or go to a gas station and use their coin-operated vacuums. Be sure to use attachments to get deep in the crevices ridding dirt, sand, rocks, crumbs and bugs. If the seats of your vehicle absorbed wet swimming suits after pool parties, then consider shampooing the upholstery. With a clean inside, now it’s time to shine up and protect surfaces as well as condition leather. Protecting the interior materials of your vehicle will keep it looking better longer and the same idea applies to the exterior.

As the weather changes, it’s necessary to give your vehicle’s paint some added protection. Wash your car in a cool, shady place with car-friendly soap. Dry the vehicle’s exterior properly by using a chamois with broad strokes quickly removing water. After a thorough drying, use a damp terry cloth to apply a quality polish in a circular motion working on small areas at a time. Polishing with a wax will preserve the paint and enhance the exterior’s luster.

Pull your shiny ride into the garage and relax knowing your car is prepped for yet another season.

Save the Date for Heroes and Princesses at Windsor Nissan

On May 19th 2012, Windsor Nissan will be hosting a special Heroes and Princesses of NJ Meet and Greet. WPST radio station will be broadcasting live on location for this miraculous event. Bring the family to Windsor Nissan to meet the Firefighters of East Windsor Vol. Fire Company #1, and see the fire trucks. And Ms. New Jersey World International, Evelyn McCleod will be here dressed to impress. And for all the kids who attend, with their parents, a special gift! There will be food, and refreshments, and a lot of fun going on at Windsor Nissan! So make sure to save the date for this wonderful event. And while you are here, be sure to check out the great deals on all new and pre-owned vehicles!


Save the Date for Heroes and Princesses at Windsor Nissan

Save the Date for Heroes and Princesses at Windsor Nissan


And we will have the 2013 Nissan Altima on display…even with body guards. No one has seen the 2013 Altima, not even the staff at Windsor Nissan. So be the first to preview the new Altima! You have heard about it, now come see it in person! ONE DAY ONLY, May 19th!

Windsor Nissan in East Windsor, NJ is a Female Friendly Dealership

Windsor Nissan is a female friendly dealership and is owned and operated by Marcy Maguire. Currently Marcy is the elected NADA Director for New Jersey and has previously been the NADA Director at Large for Women Dealers. Her leadership role has made her part of the 100 leading women in the North American Auto Industry. Marcy was voted Manheim’s Automotive Womenof the year in 2004 and Working Women Magazine made her one of the top 500 women. Marcy’s leadership extends globally; she has participated in the Women Business Leadership Summits as a representative of the US in Finland, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Marcy’s expertise, industry-specific knowledge and leadership skills have served the Automotive Industry and have contributed to improving the industry. Marcy has served on many committee’s; Industry Relations, Public Affairs Committee, Membership Committee, for the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), including the Dealer Election Action Committee (DEAC) and National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation (NADCF) as Ambassador.

How to Reserve Your Very Own Nissan LEAF!

As the arrival of Nissan’s electric car, the LEAF, approaches, many people are concerned about how to get their hands on one. We all know that there is a reservation process that needs to be done in order to purchase one, but just how does one go about doing that? Well, I am here to tell you to worry no more! I am going to explain all of the tips and tricks to reserve your space in line!

First and Foremost: Reservations are open to the public on May 15th, 2010.

Step #1: To being your Nissan LEAF Customer Journey Reservation Process, you need to go onto the Nissan LEAF website, http://www.nissausa.com/leaf-electric-car, to create an account.

Step #2: You need to complete the New Driver Snapshot (everything about this will be explained on the website)

Step #3: Create and configure your very own Nissan LEAF in the New Driver Snapshot

Step #4: Lock in your reservation through a reservation fee, which will be found on the reservation payment page

Things to remember:

1 – You can only place a reservation on the LEAF if you have created an account on the Nissan LEAF website.

2 – There is only one reservation per customer! If you try to create more than one entry, your name will be removed from the system. Similarly, only one reservation per address will be accepted.

3 – Reservations are meant to be solely for the individual reserving the LEAF. The reservation can not be transferred, traded, assigned, or sold.

4 – Nissan reserves the right to cancel any reservation that does not comply with the procedures outlined above.

Stop by Windsor Nissan for more information and details on how to reserve your very own Nissan LEAF!

Great News for the 2010 Nissan Altima!

The 2010 Consumer Report’s Top Ten list is out! And…the Nissan Altima has been announced the Top Pick Family Sedan! Consumer Reports said in its news release “The Altima has been one of our top-rated family sedans for years, and a freshening for 2010 made it better. It now gets improved gas mileage and provides standard ESC [Electronic Stability Control] in all trim lines. The Altima offers an appealing balance of comfort and performance, while getting some of the best fuel economy in its class: 26 mpg overall for four cylinder models and 24 mpg with a V6.”

Kudos to our Altima for being named one of the best cars to buy!

Please comment on this blog with any great stories you may have about your Nissan Altima!

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