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Saturn of Toms River Is Sadly Shutting Its Doors

I regret to inform you of our family’s decision to permanently close our Saturn Dealership in Toms River, NJ. I want to begin by thanking all of our customers for the tremendous support you have given to our family business and the wonderful team of employees that have worked diligently at Saturn of Toms River over the past two decades. The personal relationships that have developed over the years make this decision that much harder. By now I am sure that you are aware that General Motors has decided to phase out the Saturn brand. As a result, the time has come for us to cease operations out of the Saturn of Toms River facility since we no longer have Saturn vehicles to offer for sale. More so, the decision to allow other GM dealers to perform Saturn warranty repair work has drastically affected our ability to maintain our day-to-day service and parts operations. We tried to go above and beyond in working with our customers by operating as an exclusive service and parts facility for more then 3 months, but the time has come to end this chapter of our business.

I want to assure you that your Saturn vehicle warranty remains in full effect so you will continue to receive service and parts support from GM. While you no longer will see us in our Toms River location, you are still part of the Maguire Automotive Group family, and we invite you to join us at our other dealerships, Windsor Nissan in East Windsor, NJ and Bob Maguire Chevrolet in Bordentown, NJ. In fact, you can still bring your Saturn vehicle to us for warranty repairs since Bob Maguire Chevrolet in Bordentown, New Jersey is a Saturn Authorized Saturn Provider. Your Maguire Loyalty Reward dollars, as always, are redeemable at any of our dealerships locations. You can expect the same high level of service and integrity that has made Saturn of Toms River stand out among all of the brands in the Toms River auto market. Our experienced Saturn technicians will continue to provide you with the best care, honoring all of your warranty and service contract commitments just as they were in Toms River.

I truly hope that we see many of you in Bordentown or East Windsor, as the Saturn stores have meant so much to our organization in developing the way that we do business that has set our stores above the competition. On behalf of everyone that has been involved with Saturn of Toms River, thank you so much for an experience that has truly enriched our lives.

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Lutz’s View Of A New GM

Robert Lutz, the vice chairman of the marketing and communications of the “new” GM, who was a keynote speaker at the 46th Annual Northwood Auto Show’s kickoff dinner, mentioned the future vision of the company. He expressed the GM’s plans to return to the future of the automotive industry.

Robert Lutz, who first began his employment in GM in 1963, has led all of Chrysler’s automotive activities for twelve yeas and spent another twelve with the Ford, the last as the executive vice president of truck operations. GM re-appointed him in 2001 and even though he was to retire this year, he continues with his contribution to the “new” company.

He expressed his views about the automotive sector as, “I feel like the industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution.” He said the future lies in the latest technology and in EV like new Chevy Volt.

Lutz emphasized the excellence of the GM’s products repeatedly during his speech. “The world does not realize how great today’s GM products are,” he said. “Our products are equal or superior to the competitors.” The company is now on its way to a “may the best car win” ad campaign these days.

When it launched an ad that stated that the GM cars enjoyed a better mileage than the Toyota cars, the latter asked GM to withdraw the advertisement. Lutz said that he will race a Cadillac CTS-V against the comers with stock four-door cars to prove the Cadillac is the fastest sedan in the world as a part of the promotion program.

He utilized the opportunity to reveal the pictures of the latest models that GM is manufacturing or proposes to produce in the future such as the Cadillac CTS Sportwagon, GMC Terrain and Chevy Cruze. He also stated the company’s plan to produce the concept car, Cadillac Converj during the dinner meeting.

Lutz highlighted the Chevrolet Camaro during the meeting where the company focuses on the fuel-efficient models, even though V-8 is better selling today. The company is on the look out to break-even at those markets that they had struggled recently by aiming at the younger crowd.

When he was asked whether the company has plans to fight through the “Government Motor” image, Lutz commented that the role of Government is virtually nonexistent during the bailout period. “The way it is organized now it’s like any other company. The best way to shed that image is to make a lot of money quickly and buy back the government’s stock.”

Lutz is hopeful of the ability of the hybrid versions of bigger vehicles like the trucks and SUVs in meeting the future fuel economy laws of the country.

Saturn dealers looking for exit strategies

The year was 1990 when Bob Maguire, started selling Saturn vehicles in Bordentown, NJ, they were the first on the board to open the dealership when Saturn contacted them in 1989 and adds now it is time too think of new business with GM announcement of Saturn closing down.

Bob Maguire says his two Saturn dealerships at Bordentown and Toms River will continue to be open and sell. Maguire, the co-owner of Maguire Auto Group quips, I will try to cultivate new business and confident that something will come up soon.”

With the announcement by General Motors of wind down of Saturn vehicles after the acquisition deal with Penske Automotive failed, it left 350 Saturn dealers across the country have been left in the lurch and trying to find exit strategies including Bob and Marcy Maguire for themselves and also for the workers. The on going events and trends means almost definite death of Saturn brand that was set up by Saturn to fight against the Japanese imports in the 1990’s and currently it is estimated around 13,000 jobs are at stake.

The exact business plan is still vague, and the steps being taken after the shutdown of Saturn operations in October 2010 is still being formulated, but for one thing, the business will be as usual. We are looking for new business and selling new Saturn vehicles to anyone who is interested to purchase the last ones in the breed. He does not close out the option of shutting down the two dealerships at Bordentown and Toms River a year from now and is keeping all options open. Currently the two dealerships employ 25 people each. Maguire further adds that it is not is ambition to close down the dealerships, but would be forced if no viable options come up and says they still provide gainful employment to all their workers.

Saturn launched in 1990 with its own exclusive tag line, “A different kind of Car Company” gained popularity in America by their low-key showrooms and no-haggle pricing. General Motor had launched Saturn with the hope that with the dent free plastic panels, it would attract the young generation with the hipper cars. It built the Saturn plant at Springhill, TN devoted to Saturn vehicles.

Although it attracted and drew huge crowds, the brand could never make enough money, although it was never disclosed how much the company made profit on the Saturn brand.

The Saturn customers brand base we have, have their culture of their own and there were never a customer that was unhappy with their Saturn vehicle they purchased from us and sadly it’s true.

The closedown events have come as a shock to everyone. GM had even agreed to keep 3 models running beyond 2011 and after which Penske have had to come up with their own products made by any other manufacturer.

There is very little hope that talks could be reopened without another supplier in place before the deal was signed according to Anthony Pordon, a Penske spokesperson. It would take several years to design new vehicles, especially foreign vehicles which meet US standards and Penske would beat risk selling no products once the contract with GM expires.

The production of new Saturn vehicles will be stopped as soon as possible. But no layouts are expected according to Sherrie Childers, GM spokeswoman. The Saturn owners can still go to their dealers for servicing and will be able to go to certified GM dealers once the Saturn dealerships close down.

Maguire said it was even true for his NJ dealerships. They would continue to be in business and would take care of Saturn customers who are in need of servicing. The close down announcement has come as surprise to everyone. In this damn economy it is difficult to forecast anything but we are doing the best as we can, according to Bob Maguire.

The Best Grand Sport Car – Chevrolet Corvette

2010 Chevy Corvette

2010 Chevy Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette is the longest running brand name in the automobile world. The name started back in 1953 with 6 engines and two automatic transmissions. Corvette had won numerous awards of its sporty look and performance. With V8 engine added to Corvette in 1955, the car could hit 60 kmph in less than 6 seconds.

Over the decades, Corvette had passed through various phases and added new themes and names to it. The era of 60’s was known as muscle bound, 70’s defined high style, 80’s was the electronic aided era, from 90’s onwards Corvette was redefined and refined to compete the world’s best.

The latest Corvette by Chevrolet is available in 3 models: Base, Z06, ZR1. The latest base model offers removable roof coupe and convertible body style. The later 2 models are ultra high performance models with fixed roof coupe. All three models are action-packed with high performance engines starting from 6.2 litre, 430 horsepower and V8 technology. The ZR1 moves the earth with its V8, 638 horsepower and six gears manual.

The car boasts off about its superfine interior design accompanied with all gadgets and functionalities. In short, the new Chevrolet Corvette creates raves with the combination of comfort, strong performance, affordability, style and fuel economy.

Chevrolet Corvette has claimed many awards and accolades for its performance, design, best vehicles, etc. Some of the prestigious ones are: JD Power award for quality score and 5th best vehicle, Strategic Vision’s 2009 Total Quality Awards for best sports car 2009, Corvette ZR1 will be covered in new Sony Playstation game.

Corvette had received Grand Sport 1st drive accolades:

Road & Track: The new Grand Sport a ZO6 Lite is best known as a bargain. It provides you the best foot to the floor drop the clutch and feel the awesomeness launch control. This will be the best Corvette for your money spent.

Car and Driver: the car is a power house which can easily withstand serious time track race and it is impressive that it runs soft on the track. The power brake provides great strength to break the rear tires loose.

Corvette is one of the best performance bargains on the road. The car matches pretty well with the Porsche 911 GT3, which is twice expensive in comparison.

GM treads on difficult month

September month was a difficult one for the GM vehicle sales; all the dealership was low in retail as well as certified car sales. GM sales volumes were low in comparison with month-over-month and year-over-year sales figures. GM had lost 36% volume in a month; the total car sale was 156,673 in the month across US market.

The company had launched new marketing campaigns to boost the sales for their core brands and non core brands. The two major launch were Pre-Cash for Clunkers and 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee program.

It has helped the leader manufacturer to manage the show for this quarter. Vice President Sales, Mark, confirmed that the month was very tough for the company, but we are enthusiastic about the fourth quarter, the market is now taking shape and growing with new brands and campaign launch.

GM had lost grounds on their certified car segment as well. Their Saturn, Cadillac, Saab and Hummer Certified pre-owned vehicles combined sales was 22,885 vehicles in the month of September.

GM certified used vehicle sales were 34% down from last month, a total of 19,877 vehicles down. In Saturn used car the downfall is of 15% with a sales volume of 692 vehicles. Cadillac certified used vehicles sold 1819 vehicles, a down run of 44%, Hummer following the trend fallen 30% with 135 vehicles being sold.

Mark LaNeve shared his customer satisfaction survey data, showing, GM ranks high on value for money, brand name and dealer reputation. Quality is the main power play in the industry and GM is leading all fronts.

GM was in talk with Penske for their Saturn brand supply and production. Penske Automotive is a very reputed and large player in automobile industry. GM, the creator of Saturn brand cars, is now dealing with Penske for retail supply chain and once the contract gets over, Penske will take over the production facility for the same.

This whole negotiation had gained much hype and there were 350 dealers who have registered for their Saturn dealership and service agencies. The deal was a much sought after deal in the automobile industry. But all of a sudden the deal broke off and left dealers stranded with no future option left apart from quit.

The breaking of deal had created 13000 US job cuts and dealers looking for new dealership. But within their own self, the dealers are still hopeful that the deal might kick off once again. As, Roger Penske, is a very smart man and will not pursue any matter, unless there is a point in it.

Such optimist views are widespread among the dealers, but today the news stands that the GM and Penske deal is down.

General Motor’s 60 days buy back campaign

This is the second marketing move from the famous automobile major General Motors. Just a few weeks back GM had announced a new marketing scheme of Online buying from Ebay. And now they are luring customers with their 60 days buy back plan. Let’s understand, whether it’s a gimmick or a smart sales campaign. Starting this month and running until November, General motors is offering their customers the buy back guarantee for its Four top models, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC. The new marketing stunt is named as “60 day Satisfaction Guarantee” where the customer has an option to get his money back which s/he invested in buying a new car or truck of GM. GM needs to look for smart marketing options and efforts to recoil from the insolvency and bail out. GM is also in the process of dropping out some of their brands like Saturn, Hummer, Pontiac and Saab & trying to put up their market shares, which has fallen to 19.5% this year. The move is to revive consumer confidence in the company. The details of new money-back plan are: • It covers models for the 2009 and 2010 • Customer can return the cars after 31 days and before 4,000 miles. • The plan does not cover leased vehicles. The plan is being led by their new Chairman, Ed Whiteacre. He is the former chief of AT&T, appointed by the Obama Administration. They key person behind this marketing campaign is the well-known Vice-President of GM, Bob Lutz. He is considered the most powerful and outspoken leader with command over corporation style, marketing, PR and advertising. In this case, he is the “man with the plan”. Here’s some thought for the GM’s new campaign: It is not the price, performance, appearance, safety and fuel mileage which only counts in the car buying decision, as the first thing comes in play is the Test Drive. Most of the shoppers make mistake here, they test drive the consumer of specified roads and provides you the guarantee for some specified period. But when the buyer uses it on the real situation, there are many nitty gritties in it. GM is tapping on this real situation and attracting the buyers with new money back scheme. There are subjective items in the car ,which is similar like how the switchgear feels, adjustability of the seats, rear seat room, how bright or dim the instrument panel can be made, if reflected sun makes the gauges hard to see in the daytime, etc. It is normally, the critic and experts who takes one or more test drive during the offerings is better judge. And according to them, Buick LaCrosse and Lexus Sedan ES350 have similar features and luxury. Both rivals compete on their performance, appearance inside and out, style, fit to finish and other points. The question here is whether GM will win the battle with 60-days money back plan?

Times Magazine and their ratings for the Cars

Before starting let me say, Times Magazines always get it right, when it comes about the cars. According to the time they appointed Dan Neil for writing “The 50 Worst Cars of All Time”. This was actually excellent. Moreover, these days Time has the “ten most exciting Vehicles of 2010″and this is actually dreadful, boys. This is dreadful to such an extent that we are just waiting to hear the comments of Dan Neil about it and what he thinks about it. Time’s list is not that bad, it has the capability of taking all the credibility of the subject given and then lightning it on fire badly. Glenn Beck carries the civil rights desk, which is permitted by Akin. But, when we see in terms of cars let’s check how bad it is? The time’s most exciting vehicle is known by the name of -The Volkswagen Golf, vehicles of 2010, which is not that dreadful part of it. We are trying to make you follow the jump for the stuff, which is really bad.

Starting with a little of what Time has done correctly. Caddy CTS Wagon, the Nissan 370Z, Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Ford SHO, these all is interpreted as exciting. Kia Soul, which is one of the pretty nifty vehicles even, kicked off their list. However, it is surprising that they can include the rectilinear Soul, but not the Cube. This may be because Nissan was already there in their list. So the question of the Soul being pretty is fine, but what about the issue of its being the most exciting? Kinda can be sorta, but finally we will say no to it.

Now coming to the next, which is huh category? Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes E-Class and the last one Suzuki Kizashi falls into such category. So, don’t you find the E-Class dictionary definition to be an unexciting one? When you come on Times there is no offense to Mercedes Benz. This E-Class has been designed from the base up for sixty year old hollow Nesters. Grand Cherokee is not that exciting and the question comes that is Kizashi a real competitor to Sonata? Kizashi can be a fab car, but those cars are intrinsically unexciting which have four doors, FWD, traverse -mounted and are motor family cars.

Now coming to the point that why do they ask their interns to write this part? Then, coming again to this VW Golf is a good car, but it can be called as an exciting one. The GTI is the one, but Times said about the Golf which guide us to the surprising, silly and idiotic entry made in the list. The Times Magazine’s declared Toyota Venza, which is a Camry station wagon as one of the 10 most Exciting vehicles of 2010. The time picked up Venza, but not the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni, Audi R8 V10, Chevy Camaro SS and the Aston martin One 77. This is the end.

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