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Obama Talks About the Chevy VOLT

Yesterday, President Obama made an appearance in Michigan to discuss the Chevy VOLT’s production. He was very happy to mention how many new jobs will come from the VOLT’s production and how this will help stimulate a part of the American economy.

Click on the following link to view his entire speech!

Obama Speech on the Chevy VOLT

GM offer higher incentives to dealers to boost sales !

In order to hike up the sales, General Motors Company is offering higher incentives to its dealers. According to Wall Street Journal, General Motors is trying to dump the leftover stock from Pontiac and Saturn manufacturers in the market in order to increase the December sales of the particular car manufacturing brands. Wall Street Journal has also states that, General Motors has sent letter to its dealers stating that they are ready to pay $7000, every time a car manufactured by Saturn or Pontiac’s possession is transferred from their stock to that of rental-vehicle or service vehicle. These cars would be sold on second hand basis since these dealers are considered as owners of the car, hence the discounts availed on these cars will be high. This offer is going to last until the 4th of January since it is the last day for the General Motor Company to hike up their December car sales. General Motors will be booking the sales as fleet deliveries General Motors is planning to quit on Pontiac and Saturn and focus its attention on Hummers instead. General Motors’s contract to sell Saturn’s cars had collapsed in September, since then it has also pulled out of the contract to sell Opel by its European Unit. Currently its consignment of Hummers to a Chinese firm has been deferred and their deal with Saab cars is on a closure. This information has been provided by Reuters, but they were unable to get a comment from General Motors since it was past the US business hours.

Why one prefers Camaro to Hyundai Coupe

2010 Chevrolet Camaro exterior has a long hood and short rear deck. The front end comes with honeycomb grille, and the rear has aggressively styled fenders with air intakes shaped liked gills and has five trim levels – LS,1LT,2LT,1SS and 2SS levels, where as Hyundai Genesis Coupe v-6 comes in three trim levels with two basic models, 2.o and 3.8 liter engine.  2010 Chevy Camaro comes with 6 speed manual and auto transmission W/OD.  Hyundai Coupe comes with two engines 210-hp 2.0 liter and 306-hp 3.8L where as 2010 Camaro comes with  superior 304-hp 3.L and 400-hp 6.2 liter fuel efficient engines.

2010 Camaro comes with additional key features such as auxiliary instrument panel near the shifter that indicates oil temperature, oil pressure, state of battery and transmission fluid temperature.

Chevrolet makes trucks Wi-Fi hot spots

Chevrolet and Autonet Mobile have proclaimed that they will be turning Chevrolet SUVs and Trucks into hot-spots for Wi-Fi connection. One can avail the services by getting a device installed by a dealer. This will ensure that one can access the net on their laptops, cell phones, etc, even on the move. These devices can only be fitted into seven models of Chevrolets, i.e. Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, Express, Avalanche, Traverse and Equinox. Installation will cost $200 and monthly charges for the service will be $29, along with some unspecified costs. The internet cannot only be accessed from within, but also at a radius of 150 feet. Wi-Fi is convenient when one has to spend a lot of time on the road, such as for camping or tripping, etc.

Indianapolis500 to have Chevy Camaro

Today, Chevy Camaro to make its debut at Indianapolis Auto Show.Chevrolet Camaro

Making an appearance for the sixth time at the race, Chevrolet Camaro made its first appearance in 1967 at the Indianapolis 500. It also made an appearance in 1969, 1982, 1993 and 2009, respectively. This new model of the Camaro will be sporting the look of the 1969 model, with the inferno orange metallic paint job and the white diamond rally stripes, but the new model will have a modern take on the original rally stripes. The new model had 400 horse power, V8 engine and 6.2 liter tank. Camaro will also have a RS appearance package and leather interiors with little inferno orange work. The new accessory that this Camaro will be featuring is the new front grille, which will be an exclusive Camaro accessory from now on. Safety strobe light system with customized light bar in the rear window, special logo branded on the headrests and front fenders and amber lens taillights are some the other features

Chevrolet Aveo to appear in Detroit Auto Show

A media preview was held by Chevrolet on Wednesday night at Motown to show their plans for the Detroit Auto Show, next month. The media invited over were allowed to discuss the plans shown to them in detail, but they were not allowed to take any pictures or videos. The presentation started with the introduction of the new General Manager of Chevrolet, Jim Campbell, who had taken up the post only a week ago. The director of exterior design Mike Simcoe along with Campbell took the next half an hour in showcasing the new batch of Chevrolet cars, whose designs had already been shown during the General Motor’s design dome last August. This batch included the upcoming Orlando MPV, Volt, Camaro Convertible, Cruze and the brand new Malibu 2012. These cars are bound to be present in the Chevrolet showrooms in the next two years. The new Orlando is almost the same as the 2008 version, except light cluster have been put in with great detailing.

Spark and Aveo will be making the entry-level end of the Bowtie’s lineup. Since there rumors of Spark program not taking place, Campbell ensured that Spark will make an appearance in 2011. The all new Aveo will be making an appearance for the first time at the Auto Show next month. The designs of the Aveo shown at the media release were exactly same as the design shown in August, except that this car has five-door hatchet. The new model and the old model look nothing alike. The old model had received a lot of criticism for its exterior design. But, hopefully the same would not follow for the new model. Simcoe described the exteriors of the car, as a look that facades ‘deliberate aggression’. The grille on the previous model was too big and this made the car look smaller. This time they have changed the look of the grille. The grille is shorter and wider, which has given the car a more ‘wide, planted stance’ by making the car look wider.

Aveo has four individual round lights, one for each corner and the flanks on the car reminds one of the structure of Spark, in terms of a less exaggerated look. It even has the hidden door handles on the C-pillar like the Spark. Simcoe expressed an aspiration for giving the new Aveo that includes the base model, a ‘hot-hatch’ look. Aveo’s direct competition is the Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit, it will be interesting to see the same target customer’s reaction to the new Aveo. When Aveo will be showcased in Detroit, it will be shown in its RS form and not the ‘hot-hatchet’ form. The RS version of the car will be powered by Eco Tec engine. But, no further details were provided, only the exteriors were explained in great detail. The rest of the details can only be presumed on the basis of the previous models, such as the 1.4 liter turbo present in the Cruz. If the car has 138 horse-power and 148 pound torque, then this car will be one heck of a ride on the road.

General Motors Flint south engine plant will be manufacturing the power-plant and the Orion assembly plant will be in charge of car making. The hatch will also have a four-door sedan, following the popular demand. Aveo in RS will be a sight to look at, during the Detroit Auto Show.

Chevy Aveo | certified car dealers

Chevrolet Aveo

December Chevy Red Tag Nerds

Bob Maguire- Dec Chevy Red Tag Nerd

The All New 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe Review

Fast and ferocious, the much-awaited new 2010 Chevy Camaro SS Coupe has finally made its entry. A heady combination of the past and the futuristic designs, which is the outcome of the efforts by the American and Australian designers, makes it highly attractive.


Like the older models of Camaro, the 2010 model has the typical six-cylinder V8 engines, but with a longer wheelbase that makes the interior spacious, especially in the rear seat of the car. General Motors have launched the Chevy Camaro in various trim levels like the LS, LT, and SS and 1LT, 2LT, 1SS and 2SS, with level 2 fully loaded than the others. The trim LS and LT typically has a 3.6-liter V6 engine where as the SS models come with a 6.2-liter V8 engine.


The Camaro’s 6.2 liter V8s has both the six-speed manual and automatic transmission. Those going for the automatic can get the L99 engine with the Active Fuel Management System that works for better efficiency of the fuel usage. The “Tapshift” introduced in the manual transmission of Camaro V8s has made manual shifting easier.


The design of the V6 engine is in such a way that it has an aluminum alloy unit with dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, continuously variable cam phasing, and direct fuel injection. Their combined effort results in the generation of 304 horsepower at 6400 rpm. The car makes use of a six-speed stick or automatic to transmit the power to the rear axle.


A 20-inch aluminum wheels shod with huge, sticky Pirelli P-Zero tires, Brembo brakes, Boston Acoustics sound system, HID headlights, and special taillights makes the Camaro manual 2SS with the RS appearance package that is offered for both the SS and LT models attractive. The 010 Camaro SS enjoys a power that can make it move to 60 mph in under five seconds from a standing start. The overdrive can cruise at around 2,000 rpm besides offering greater fuel efficiency.


The heady combination of the retro-modern interiors have resulted in power-adjustable front buckets, leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise and auxiliary audio controls on it and two-passenger semi-bucket rear seat, which is capable of being folded down for more cargo room. The extra cargo room, in spite of a small opening, is handy.


Lutz’s View Of A New GM

Robert Lutz, the vice chairman of the marketing and communications of the “new” GM, who was a keynote speaker at the 46th Annual Northwood Auto Show’s kickoff dinner, mentioned the future vision of the company. He expressed the GM’s plans to return to the future of the automotive industry.

Robert Lutz, who first began his employment in GM in 1963, has led all of Chrysler’s automotive activities for twelve yeas and spent another twelve with the Ford, the last as the executive vice president of truck operations. GM re-appointed him in 2001 and even though he was to retire this year, he continues with his contribution to the “new” company.

He expressed his views about the automotive sector as, “I feel like the industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution.” He said the future lies in the latest technology and in EV like new Chevy Volt.

Lutz emphasized the excellence of the GM’s products repeatedly during his speech. “The world does not realize how great today’s GM products are,” he said. “Our products are equal or superior to the competitors.” The company is now on its way to a “may the best car win” ad campaign these days.

When it launched an ad that stated that the GM cars enjoyed a better mileage than the Toyota cars, the latter asked GM to withdraw the advertisement. Lutz said that he will race a Cadillac CTS-V against the comers with stock four-door cars to prove the Cadillac is the fastest sedan in the world as a part of the promotion program.

He utilized the opportunity to reveal the pictures of the latest models that GM is manufacturing or proposes to produce in the future such as the Cadillac CTS Sportwagon, GMC Terrain and Chevy Cruze. He also stated the company’s plan to produce the concept car, Cadillac Converj during the dinner meeting.

Lutz highlighted the Chevrolet Camaro during the meeting where the company focuses on the fuel-efficient models, even though V-8 is better selling today. The company is on the look out to break-even at those markets that they had struggled recently by aiming at the younger crowd.

When he was asked whether the company has plans to fight through the “Government Motor” image, Lutz commented that the role of Government is virtually nonexistent during the bailout period. “The way it is organized now it’s like any other company. The best way to shed that image is to make a lot of money quickly and buy back the government’s stock.”

Lutz is hopeful of the ability of the hybrid versions of bigger vehicles like the trucks and SUVs in meeting the future fuel economy laws of the country.

Impact Of Saturn’s Demise In Spring Hill

The decision to close down the GM brand, Saturn, by the company after the attempt to sell it to Penske Automotive Group fell through, came as a major disappointment to the people in the small town of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

The first car of the brand Saturn, a red S-Series that was launched in 1990 is still kept for display in the factory premises. The factory and the town have hosted many tours and reunions for the Saturn car owners as a part of their promotion programs. The City Hall has the walls decorated with the photographs of the old town of Spring Hill before and after the arrival of the brand, Saturn, depicting an era of development.

The residents and the Mayor credit GM’s Saturn for the major developments the town has witnessed over the period. But later, the locals saw GM rolling off Saturn from Tennessee in 2007 to replace it with the building of Chevrolet Traverse that is now on its way out. The company has made plans to transfer the production of Traverse to a plant in Michigan, closing down the Spring Hill factory.

This decision of the General Motors to wind up the factory has left the residents in a state of perplexity. A few, who had remained hopeful of Penske’s ability to revive the brand, were unable to understand its decision to pull away from the deal. Others are still in a shock over the fall of the auto giant GM that can leave many locals jobless. One of the local residents put the blame on the federal government calling it responsible for the fall of the automotive industry in the country.

The locals are also wishing for a revival of the economy that can put back the things to its normal state. To quote a resident, Dinwiddie, who is confident of the future of Spring Hill, “I have to believe the plant is going to come back. It all depends on the overall economy. I hope that Americans start buying American products and start supporting the American auto manufacturing industry and if that happens, we’ll get a product in this plant.” He has sent invitations to President Obama and the auto recovery czar to have a tour of the plant, which he thinks will result in it being operational.

Whatever be the future of the plant in Spring Hill, residents are sure of their ability to wade through the times of misery.

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