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Nissan’s Bringing in the Diesel Engine!

To the UK, that is…

Nissan Murano Diesel

The Nissan Murano has been on sale in the UK since 2004, which isn’t anything new, but for the first time this year the Nissan Murano will have a Diesel Engine option!

Nissan Murano Diesel V6 Engine

We all know about the EU’s intense Euro5 emissions standards, and Nissan’s diesel engine will help the Murano keep its act in-line with them. The new Diesel Engine will get the Murano around 35.3 miles to the gallon and 210g/km CO2 emissions, which is much better than the gasoline engine.

Nissan Murano Diesel - Interior View

The UK’s Nissan Murano – Diesel, will go on sale for about $57,781.

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